University of Pittsburgh-Johnstown

Two-Year Transfer Credit Equivalencies

Two-Year Schools

This is a general guide for students planning appropriate courses for transfer to the University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown from a two-year school. The University recommends that a student refer to major requirements in conjunction with this transfer information.

Courses will be evaluated for transfer only after a student has completed an application for admission and has provided Pitt-Johnstown with an official transcript from their previous institution. In order to have your materials evaluated, submit a copy of your transcript with a course description of all courses to the University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown, Registrar's Office, 279 Blackington Hall, Johnstown, PA 15904.

The pages linked below contain alphabetical listings for two-year schools with courses that will transfer to Pitt-Johnstown. The left side columns list the subject, course number, title and credits for the transferring school. On the right side you will find Pitt-Johnstown's equivalent subject, course number, title and transfer credits.

Please note: Sometimes a "non-equivalent" transfer credit is awarded (ENGLIT 0000 for example). This means the coursework transfers, but not as a specific Pitt-Johnstown course. Non-Equivalent course credits may be used toward graduation as free electives.

These listings are NOT all-inclusive, if a college or course is not listed, transfer equivalencies may not have been established.