Food Policy

Pitt-Johnstown Food Policy Governing Fundraising Activities

The following food policy applies to fundraisers sponsored by registered student organizations (RSOs).  For non-fundraising events, such as meetings and social events, clubs and organizations are required to order food through Sodexo: 

ServSafe Certified

* All food sales on campus must be in accordance with ServSafe Guidelines.  

Time and Place

  • Food sales are limited to Krebs Hall, Biddle Hall, the Nursing and Health Sciences Building, and the Engineering and Science Building.  No food sales are permitted in Blackington Hall. 
  • No more than two on-site organizational food sales are permitted per week.  Only one of the two food sales can be a meal-type (i.e. sandwiches, subs, pizzas, etc. that would replace a Sodexo meal) sale between the hours of 4 and 7 p.m. (traditional dining hours).

Reselling Food Made by an Outside Vendor

* When reselling prepared foods made by an outside company, they must be kept individual bags to avoid contamination.  (E.g., wrapped candy or cookies)

* Reselling “meal replacement” goods made by an outside vendor (e.g., Submarine Sandwiches) is only permitted on a pre-order basis.  These items may not be sold on site, however preorders may be delivered on campus.

Preparing and Selling “Homemade Goods” or Goods not Individually Packaged

  • In order to participate in a food sale with food that is not prepackaged by vendor, at least one member of the requesting RSO must have attended a Sodexo-sponsored food handling workshop.  
  • Homemade baked goods such a donuts, cookies or other items prepared by a vendor that is ServSafe-certified or homemade baked goods without eggs may be sold.  In order to prevent food contamination, items such as donuts and cookies should be placed into individual bags OR be served by a member of the club or organization wearing protective gloves and handed directly to the purchaser.  No other students should touch the food being sold. 
  • Pre-cooked meats (such as hot dogs) may be sold.  A member of the RSO, wearing gloves, will need to prepare the food item and hand it to the purchaser.  This is considered a meal-type sale.
  • Sodexo will provide a sign for your event warning of possible food allergies.  This sign needs to be displayed at your event.  
  • RSOs will be responsible for submitting the appropriate requests for items such as tables and chairs.  
  • Requests for food sales, which will be processed on a first-come, first-served basis, should be submitted as far in advance as possible and no less than two weeks in advance of the event. Requests should be submitted to and approved by Student Life (via Heather Hall in G-61 Student Union). 


In the event that an RSO is hosting an event where Sodexo is serving food, an RSO (it does not need to be the same one hosting the event) can sign up to assist Sodexo with serving the food. RSOs will earn $25 per hour at such events. Contact James Butler for these opportunities.