Student Testimonials

Student scholarship recipients share their stories about how Pitt-Johnstown scholarships helped fund their education.

Elijah Ed Elijah Ed
"Even with federal loans and grants, it was difficult keeping up with my college tuition payments. However, my financial burden was lifted; I am privileged to receive the REB Commuter Scholarship, providing full coverage of tuition and books. Now, I find it easier to focus on my classes."

Elijah Ed, Class of 2009
Hometown: Johnstown, PA 
Major: Biology
Ambitions: Dental school and the United States Air Force
Interests: Sculpting, painting, exercising, and reading
Scholarship: REB Commuter Scholarship

Keri Hill
Keri Hill"By receiving scholarship money, I have been able to work less and devote more time to my studies and professional ogranizations, such as Phi Eta Sigma, Pi Lambda Theta, and the National Society of Leadership and Success. I have dedicated my extra time to the university by being a part of STARs (Student Tour guides and Admissions Representatives) and by volunteering at campus events."

Keri Hill, Class of 2010
Hometown: Johnstown, PA 
Major: Secondary Education
Ambition: Earning master's degree in education, eventually teaching Biology at the collegiate level
Interests: Playing soccer, fishing, and community involvement
Scholarships: Presidential Scholar, Jacob Hoffman Memorial Scholarship

Jennifer Karmonocky
Jennifer Karmonocky"It's a true honor to receive a scholarship. I believe scholarships are important to a college student. A scholarship helps you to reach your potential, and this success can lead to new and exciting opportunities. With the cost of tuition and everything else that a student must pay for, a scholarship is important in relieving a little bit of the financial stress."

Jennifer Karmonocky, Class of 2010
Hometown: Johnstown, PA 
Major: Biology
Ambition: Dental school
Interests: Member of the Tribeta National Biological Honor Society; external vice president, Blue and Gold Society; assistant community service director, Starbucks; and running, playing any sport, and hanging out with friends
Scholarship: Meyer Bloom Scholarship

Crystal KeimCrystal Keim
"The money received in the scholarships means less time I have to spend working and more time I can spend on my studies, helping me to pursue my dreams and accomplish goals. The scholarship means more than words could ever express."

Crystal Keim, Class of 2010
Hometown: Johnstown, PA 
Major: Secondary Education-Mathematics
Ambitions: Student teaching at Conemaugh Township High School, coaching, and a master's degree
Interests: Work study in the Education Division and Group Supervisor at Little Lights Daycare; camping, motorcycle riding, quad/dirt bike riding, and attending car shows
Scholarship: Bella G. and Samuel G. Coppersmith Scholarship

Bonnie McClelland

Bonnie McClelland
"I am thankful for my scholarship, because without it, college would not be possible."

Bonnie McClelland, Class of 2011
Hometown: Johnstown, PA 
Major: Respiratory Care
Ambition: Bachelor's degree in health-related professions
Interests: Dancing and teaching dancing
Scholarship: John W. Ungar Health Sciences Scholarship

Sasha McCreary

Sasha McCreary"I recognize that many do not ever get the chance to pursue their education after high school due to the financial obligations. I am thankful that I have been given the opportunity to attend Pitt-Johnstown with a financial boost. Having a scholarship has allowed me to focus on school work and campus involvement rather than worrying about how I will pay for my education."

Sasha McCreary, Class of 2012
Hometown: Huntingdon, PA 
Major: Elementary Education
Ambition: Teacher
Interests: Cheerleading squad; yoga and horseback; and participation in events such as Relay for Life and other volunteer activities
Scholarship: Glen F. Brown Scholarship

Tyler Sarlouis
Tyler Sarlouis"Your scholarship really helped lighten my workload because I can take a break from working once in a while to focus on school. As a result, I am able to focus on becoming a better teacher. I want to be a teacher so that I can positively impact children's lives just as my teachers have done to me."

Tyler Sarlouis, Class of 2010
Hometown: Johnstown, PA 
Major: Elementary Education
Ambitions: Teacher and master's degree in school administration
Interests: Playing basketball and lifting weights
Scholarship: G. William Klemstine Foundation Scholarship

Ashley Strazisar
Ashley Strazisar"Getting scholarship aid is important to me because it helps out with the financial aspect of college. I appreciate the generosity of all the donors who contribute to Pitt-Johnstown."

Ashley Strazisar, Class of 2010 
Hometown: Johnstown, PA 
Major: Business Accounting
Ambition: Made the Dean's List since Spring semester 2007; work in Accounting
Interests: Accounting and Finance Interest Group and Circle K; taking photographs, scrapbooking, and reading
Scholarship: Dr. Theodore W. Biddle Alumni Association Scholarship

Jonathan Weaver
Jonathan Weaver"This scholarship helped me complete my undergraduate career."

Jonathan Weaver, Class of 2009
Hometown: Irwin, PA 
Major: Communication with a related area in Journalism/Applied Writing
Ambition: Journalist
Interests: Editor-in-chief of the Advocate (student newspaper), President of Lambda Pi Eta (communication honor society), a member of Time-Out Christain Fellowship, a baritone player with the Concert and Pep Band, listed in Who's Who Among American Colleges and Universities, and a member of the National Society of Leadership and Success. Received the 2008-2009 Elite Mountain Cat Award and Advocate leadership
Scholarship: Elvina Owen Journalism Scholarship