University of Pittsburgh-Johnstown

Philo FAQ

How is Philo different from regular TV?
Philo’s IP-based technology lets you watch live TV on your TV, computer, phone, or tablet in any campus residence facility.  Plus, it lets you record shows for later with your personal Philo DVR.  It’s TV that’s built to fit your life.

Can everyone watch Philo?
If you live on campus, you can watch a full lineup of premium channels (60 channels in all).  Philo can be viewed on one device at a time and is available only to resident students.

Where is Philo available?
You can watch Philo in any campus residence facility, as long as you are connected to the network.  Philo is not available in areas other than residence facilities such as academic buildings or the Student Union.

Do I have to pay?
Nope!  Philo is included in your housing fees at no additional cost.

Do I need a special log in?
Nope!  You will log into Philo using your Pitt username and password.  

What equpment do I need to watch Philo?
Philo is available to view on several smart TV and media player platforms as well as on mobile devices.  Here is a list of compatible devices:

Do I need to do anything special to connect my Roku to the network?
Yes.  You will need to register your device on Pitt’s gaming network at  When registering it, you need to identify the device as a "smart TV," not a Roku. 

Am I able to record programs?
You sure are!  Philo has built-in DVR capability that is available at no extra charge.

Are the programs in my DVR available to watch anywhere?
You can access your DVR programs in any campus residence facility. DVR is not accessible outside of the residential network. 

Am I able to watch my Roku and use my gaming device at the same time?
Due to bandwidth limitations, you can only have one device active at a time on the gaming network.  But, keep in mind that you can watch Philo on your computer or mobile device without using the gaming network. A recommendation to keep in mind for roommates is for one roommate to register a Roku and the other roommate register a gaming device.