University of Pittsburgh-Johnstown

Immunization Information

Welcome to Pitt-Johnstown!   We’re glad you are joining us.    

Before you can receive a fall class schedule, you will need to provide proof of immunization for COVID-19 or receive an approved exemption. For more information about the University’s interim COVID-19 policy, including exemptions, please visit the Vaccine Requirement page on    

In addition to immunization or exemption for COVID-19, the University requires that:    

  1. You provide proof of immunization for Meningitis (or apply for an exemption) if you are living in university housing by September 15, 2023.  
  2. Provide proof of immunization for other required vaccinations, MMR and Varicella (or apply for an exemption), by September 15, 2023.  

Upload all immunization information or apply for exemptions here.  

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you do not have complete immunization information available right now to submit vaccination information for all required vaccines at the same time, please click on the option to provide the COVID-19 vaccine information only (this option will also link you to exemptions for COVID-19).    

If you are having trouble accessing the sites to upload your immunization or exemption information, or any other technology related issues, please contact the University of Pittsburgh IT HelpDesk at 412-624-4357(HELP).