University of Pittsburgh-Johnstown

Alumna Laura Johnson Launches Business to Help Women

Laura Johnson, entrepreneur, takes the initiative to help women through menopause through her business SVAARA

As a University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown graduate, Laura’s business idea was created during her time spent with professor, Skip Glenn, in the course Entrepreneurial Idea Lab.

 Laura Johnson graduated in December with a degree in marketing and entrepreneurship. Taking the entrepreneurship class was valuable time for Johnson to develop a brilliant business idea that help women going through menopause.
The idea came to fruition wanting to help her mother who was going through menopause and make the experience less painful. SVAARA is made for women entering perimenopause, menopause, and postmenopausal. The company aims to make luxury products to create a comfortable transition during this time in a woman’s life.
Johnson realized that a woman’s self confidence may not be as high while dealing with the different side-effects related to menopause. “I want all women to feel empowered in a time that may feel hard to be confident,” Johnson said. “My mission is to help these women wake up feeling beautiful and full of energy, ready to tackle whatever their days may throw at them.” Johnson acknowledges that she has learned so much from the connections and formation of a growing business. “I would not have been able to create anything without my team, family, and people who have offered their guidance to me,” Johnson continued. “The more you involve yourself with others and the entrepreneurial community, it becomes much clearer for business goals.”