University of Pittsburgh-Johnstown

Pitt-Johnstown’s Engineering Division & Computer Science Division Completes Exclusive ABET Accreditation

 Pitt-Johnstown’s Engineering & Computer Science Division completed accreditation with the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology (ABET). This exclusive accreditation assures that the Pitt-Johnstown engineering program is the regional leader and has met standards essential to prepare graduates to enter critical STEM fields in the global workforce.

“This is a great moment for the Engineering & Computer Science Division, the Campus and the entire University of Pittsburgh,” Dr. Jem Spectar, President of Pitt-Johnstown, said. “This prestigious recognition was a result of the tireless and diligent efforts of our Academic Affairs department, Engineering faculty and staff throughout the long, complex and challenging process of developing, implementing and now securing accreditation for our programs.”

ABET accreditation enhances employment opportunities for students —multinational corporations require graduation from an accredited program. It supports the program’s entry to a technical profession through licensure, registration and certification—all of which often require graduation from an ABET-accredited program as a minimum qualification. The accreditation also establishes eligibility for many federal student loans, grants, and scholarships.

“Our Engineering students have long been sought after by local, regional, and state-wide companies, and we often hear their work praised by employers and colleagues for their contributions to industry and to their profession,” Dr. Janet Grady, Vice President of Academic Affairs at Pitt-Johnstown, said. “The ABET accreditation of our well-known and well-respected Engineering Program will serve to put our graduates in an even better position to have a positive impact on their communities and their world.”

Pitt-Johnstown engineering alumni have gone on to work at Fortune-500 companies including Harley Davidson, First Energy, Westinghouse, Dominion Energy, Schlumberger, UniLever, Honda, Gannett Flemming and other leading energy and engineering companies worldwide.  

“The importance of this accreditation is that it verifies to the public that we meet the standards for engineering education as set forth by ABET,” said Dr. Jerry Samples, Division Chair of the Engineering & Computer Science Division. “ABET is composed of practitioners and academicians who strive to ensure that students are well educated, that programs are current, and that faculty are keeping up with the changing face of technology.  For the graduates, this allows them to sit for the Professional License later in their career in every state with no concerns about where they attended college.  All of this is very good for the graduates, the companies hiring our graduates, the University and the Commonwealth.”

The process for accreditation started in October 2015. The Division had an accreditation visit in early October 2019 with follow-up exchanges of information through May 2020. ABET met in July and the decision was announced on August 26th. The accreditation confirms Pitt’s world-class engineering education at Pitt-Johnstown while paving the way to work globally. ABET accreditation is recognized worldwide through international agreements, and many other countries’ national accrediting systems are based on the ABET model.