University of Pittsburgh-Johnstown

Wildflower Seed Collection/Sowing Event to Create “Naturalized Areas” at Pitt-Johnstown

Supervisor of Campus Grounds, David Finney, hosted a “Wildflower Seed Collection and Sowing Day.” Ornithologist, Dr. Christine Dahlin-Schuster, plant biologist, Dr. Bruce Robart, geologist and environmental scientist, Dr. Mitzy Schaney, and committee chair, historian, and outdoor enthusiast, Dr. Paul Douglas Newman dispersed seeds around campus grounds. The goal is to encourage native wildflower and plant growth and discourage non-native and invasive species; reduce or eliminate herbicides; decrease gasoline consumed and emissions created by lawn maintenance; encourage pollinators; improve plant, water, and food source habitat for all manner of critters; and make our stunning campus even more beautiful.