University of Pittsburgh-Johnstown

Kimberly A Lee-Asonevich

  • Adjunct Professor Management

I love to teach and learn.  I would say my career theme has been  “ I don’t know what I want to be when I grow up.”  I did my best learning by owning and operating businesses.   My real business experiences span over many decades and different sectors.  I began my career as owner and operator of a small catering business. I set that aside to get an education and earned an associate degree from a branch campus of West Virginia University and then my bachelor of science and Masters in Business Administration from Frostburg State University. I also completed a graduate certificate in Human Resource Management from Cornell University and a Doctor of Business Administration program from North Central University.

Along the way, I held a number of positions and gained experience in state and federal government services in West Virginia and private corporate management in New York and Vermont. I also managed a variety of non-profit entities and continue to do contract work in the Human Resource management area for business.   In addition, I spent over 14 years in higher education as an administrator and assistant professor. 

 Recently, as a capstone to a varied career, I opened a bakery, returning to my love of cooking and sharing good food.  With the help of my husband, we designed the bakery, renovated a location, and learned an awful lot about the hoops and hurdles a small business owner needs to navigate to meet the government regulations as well as the customers’ expectations.

I typically teach:

Microcomputer Applications for Business

I love to learn from my students and use the flipped classroom model of teaching. Understanding the different types of learning styles and personalities assists me in delivering material that meets the needs for student success—not just in the classroom but in the workforce they all must eventually enter.  The things that thrill me the most about my career as an educator is the e-mails and text messages I receive from students who—though a long time away from my classrooms—still keep in touch and let me know where they are working and how my classes helped them get into successful positions with major corporations or helped them start businesses of their own.   


Education & Training

  • BS Frostburg State University
  • MBA (2001) Frostburg State University
  • Doctor of Business Administration North Central University
  • Cornell Graduate Certificate in Human Resource Management


Academic Programs