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PITTchFEST 2019: Investing in Social Entrepreneurship and Innovation  |  Brochure »  |  Contact:

PITTchFest 2019 will take place at the 1st Summit Arena @ Cambria County War Memorial on May 31, 2019, at 11 a.m. in the Stars and Stripes Room.

Celebrating its sixth year of promoting and investing in entrepreneurs, PITTchFEST seeks to award ideas and innovation that go beyond the traditional for-profit models and provide potentially significant and sustainable value in enhancing our economy and community. 

Often defined as social entrepreneurship or social innovation, PITTchFEST looks to honor the best ideas that could reshape the landscape for local enterprise, culture, communities or environment and thus increase the quality of life and commerce in our region. 

To highlight and support social entrepreneurship, PITTchFEST is soliciting of ideas from Vision 2025 Capture Teams to be pitched to judges for cash awards at the final round of PITTchFEST on May 31 at Showcase for Commerce.

Teams need to submit an application online for first round review by a panel of judges to qualify for consideration in the final award round on May 31. Judges will review the applications from participating teams and their idea on the following criteria:

  1. Level of innovation in the idea, its impact, execution or sustainability.
  2. Strength of Impact or outcome on community or infrastructure targeted.
  3. Ripple and secondary impacts for stakeholders and/or elements not directly targeted.
  4. Sustainability of idea through wider-adoption, growth or integration.
  5. Quantified outcomes (people affected, potential value, leveraged contributions)
  6. Stage of development and implementation.
  7. Potential overall Impact for creating lasting change for the quality of life and enterprise in our region.

Please review the application and submit it for consideration as a finalist for awards on May 31, 2019.  An application, can be downloaded from

The three teams that make it as a finalist will win cash prizes, but need to pitch their idea and its potential to a team of judges to win the highest award. Teams will have ten minutes to pitch their idea and have ten minutes to receive questions from the PITTchFEST judges. 

Teams will be able to project a slide deck to illustrate their pitch. The use of props, multimedia or elements that illustrate your idea and its outcomes is encouraged as long as it is done within the 10-minute allotment of time. Additionally, teams will be allowed to submit a single sheet document (double-sided printing) of information to the judges at the beginning of the presentation.