University of Pittsburgh-Johnstown

Staff FAQ

University of Pittsburgh Johnstown campus and all offices are now closed. The University has instructed all supervisors to provide maximal flexibility in accommodating remote work arrangements for staff and faculty members. All teaching activities, academic support functions and campus business activities will be performed through work-from-home status. Students, faculty and staff are encouraged to contact the help desk for IT support.

Onsite Essential Employees

Essential personnel who are identified as such through a collective bargaining agreement will continue to report to campus in accordance with work schedules set by supervisors. Supervisors in these areas will take all precautions to assure social distancing during the performance of essential work through staggering schedules, requiring distance between individuals, disinfectants, personal protective equipment and other strategies.

Campus Buildings

Most campus buildings will be closed for all purposes other than cleaning and maintenance by essential personnel. The following buildings will remain open or partially open: Campus Police, Physical Plant, Student Union, Oak Hall, Maple Hall, and Cascade Manor.

Closed buildings have been rekeyed in order to maintain the community safety goals of the work-from-home direction.

Owen Library and Biddle Hall may be accessed by essential IT personnel if necessary to maintain operations.

Should a Staff or Faculty member need access to a building in order to access perinate files to perform their job please contact your Supervisor for approval and they can work with Campus Police to arraign a safe access time while remaining socially distant.

Remote Work Set-up

To prepare please identify that you have an Internet connection, a secure computer, and a space where you can work. Identify the access and systems that you need to perform the work and whether they are web-based or accessed locally through your computer.

Web-Based tools include, Microsoft Teams, eSignature Service (DocuSign), Cloud Storage, and additional titles available through Software Download Service. 

For remote connection via VPN view recourses and help guides at:

Student Employees

Student Employees will continue to be paid through the end of their employment period, according to their standard work schedules. Students are encouraged to reach out to their supervisors with any questions in regards to working from home or completion of the semester. Students still need to submit their timecards in order to paid.

Additional Sick Leave

The University of Pittsburgh Johnstown assigned staff two weeks (10 working days) of paid sick leave above and beyond accumulated time, up to the policy threshold of 120 total days.

Life Solutions

Life Solutions is the Universities Faculty and Staff Assistance program, it is available to support employees during this difficult time. In addition to online and phone support, Life Solutions offers a 24/7 crisis line, resources for child and family care and remote counseling and coaching services. All services are confidential and offered at no cost. Learn more information at: or by calling 1-866-647-3432.

Mail Services

Post Office Hours: Thursday, 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM; can be supplemented by need if communicated through PJIT Support Desk System.

Mail will be received and processed once per week, on Thursday mornings and be placed in mailboxes in the Student Union. If you need a mail box key, please request one through the PJIT Support Desk Ticket.

Outgoing Mail: will be processed on Thursday by 3:30 PM. Offices needing bulk mailing should visit:

Packages: Upon receiving a package, departments will be notified by email and asked whether the delivery can be made to a campus office for when use returns to normal. If you need delivery as part of your remote work agreement email BOTH Gee Ressler ( and Jackie Ivock ( Packages will be delivered curb-side in order to promote social distancing.

Interoffice Mail: is discontinued with the exception of the check process described below. Offices must utilize electronic document routing and sharing. Please consider using DocuSign for all signatures.

Checks or Cash: These items are not to be taken off campus. Offices receiving a paper check in their mail should do the following, without taking the check out of the Student Union. Write the purpose of the check on the envelope. Deposit Envelope back in outgoing mails, clearly marking “UPJ Business Office”. The cash report will be generated by the Business Office, with the department receiving an electronic copy.

Refer to the University's Public Safety and Emergency Management Services website for more information

For additional guidance for staff, faculty, students, and other University members, visit Pitt's COVID-19 website.