University of Pittsburgh-Johnstown

Educational Plans and Goals

Pitt-Johnstown students develop a comprehensive education and career plan utilizing a period of exploration, followed by investigation, and finally implementation.


The exploration period provides a student with an opportunity to learn about majors of interest and begin the career development process. This process starts early in the freshman year and should be completed prior to the end of the sophomore year. The advisor can help the student to:

  • Take a variety of courses to choose across the curriculum
  • Meet with the Office of Career Services to explore career resources
  • Complete an interest and skills inventory and learn how results can relate to majors and careers
  • Become familiar with the Career Services library
  • Meet with faculty and students in majors of interest
  • Explore clubs and organizations associated with careers of interest
  • Complete a self-assessment using information from gathered resources, interviews and inventories
  • Identify volunteer opportunities, service learning, and summer employment to gain work skills and experience
  • Develop a learning portfolio


The investigation period provides the student with the opportunity to actively learn about and participate in his/her education/career goals. This process takes place during a student's sophomore/junior years. The advisor will help the student to:

  • Review tasks completed and skills and experience developed during exploration
  • Utilize campus and other career resources
  • Attend career workshops and interview professionals to develop a network
  • Utilize career resources to find a mentor
  • Shadow professionals in areas of career interest
  • Identify and complete summer internships
  • Utilize resources for professional development (resume, interview, job search, dress for success, etc.)
  • Attend leadership development programs and increase leadership activities on campus
  • Attend off campus career fairs, if possible
  • Explore graduate school information and requirements
  • Establish faculty and work references
  • Explore professional associations in careers of interest
  • Utilize volunteer opportunities, service learning, internships and/or summer employment to gain career skills and experience
  • Maintain a learning portfolio


The implementation period takes place during the senior year. The student independently initiates actions using the knowledge, skills and resources acquired during earlier educational experiences. The advisor will help the student to:

  • Review and complete tasks from previous years
  • Utilize career information/resources
  • Attend career planning activities and build professional networks
  • Attend senior seminars
  • Complete professional development activities (résumés, cover letters, mock interviews, etc.)
  • Establish faculty and work references
  • Proceed with graduate school exploration and application
  • Complete service learning projects and internships
  • Attend career fairs and related events
  • Join professional associations
  • Utilize professional networks
  • Maintain learning portfolio