University of Pittsburgh-Johnstown

Division 50-Year Reunions

Division of Humanities 
Humanities include Majors in Communications, English Literature, Journalism, Theatre Arts, English writing, and Multimedia & Digital Culture. Minors include Art History, Communication, Creative Writing, English Literature and Foreign Languages, Music, and Philosophy. We are planning a theatre performance on Friday, November 17, at 7:00 pm, preceded by cocktails. The tours will take place on Saturday morning followed by a brunch, with a keynote speaker.

Division of Engineering & Computer Science
Majors including Chemical, Civil Computer, Electrical, Mechanical, Computer Science and Minors in Civil Engineering, Computer Science and Electrical Engineering.

Division of Social Sciences 
Social Sciences include Environmental Studies, Geography, History, Justice Administration & Criminology, Political Science, Social Sciences and Sociology with courses in Anthropology, Pre-law Professional Programs and Certificate Programs in Geographic Information Systems and International Studies and Minors in History, Sociology and Political Science.

Division of Business & Enterprise
Business & Enterprise includes Accounting, Economics, Finance, Information Systems in Healthcare and Business, Management including Healthcare, Human Resource and General Management, Marketing with Minors in Economics, and Information Systems. 

Division of Education 
Majors include Early Childhood, Middle Level, Secondary Education and Special Education.