University of Pittsburgh-Johnstown

Student Responsibilities

The ultimate responsibility for making decisions about educational plans and life goals rests with the individual student.

  • Get to know your advisor. Initiate contact with your advisor early in the term and seek help on a regular basis when needed.
  • Prepare in advance for every meeting with your advisor. Bring the necessary supporting materials such as Degree Progress Sheets and, (if registering) at least a tentative schedule of classes.
  • Maintain accurate and current academic records, grade reports, add/drop transactions, major progress sheets, transfer credit evaluations, and correspondence from the beginning to the completion of your academic program.
  • Know the graduation requirements for your chosen program in order to monitor your progress toward the completion of your degree.
  • Become familiar with policies, procedures, and requirements by using the University catalog, Student Handbook, Academic Calendar, Semester Course Schedule, and any departmental materials.
  • Become acquainted with University resources, such as:
    • Academic Success Center
    • Campus Ministry
    • Career Services
    • Library
    • Personal Counseling Center
    • Student Life

Websites for General Academic Assistance

  • Study Strategies Links
    • Check the Mindtools website for a wide selection of articles on time management, study skills, memory improvement, and many other topics related to academic and workplace success. In particular, check out their goal-setting page.
  • General Writing Help
  • ESL (English as a Second Language)
  • Links for Tutors
  • Tutoring

Academic Integrity

Students have the responsibility to be honest and to conduct themselves in an ethical manner while pursuing academic studies.

Students have the right to be treated by faculty in a fair and conscientious manner in accordance with the ethical standards generally recognized within the academic community (as well as those recognized within the profession).

Should a student be accused of a breach of academic integrity or have questions regarding faculty responsibilities, procedural safeguards including provisions of due process have been designed to protect student rights. 

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