University of Pittsburgh-Johnstown

Academic Alert

The Academic Alert System represents a team approach of faculty and administrators supporting the academic and personal success of Pitt-Johnstown students. 

Instructors submit an academic alert to the ASC, identifying students exhibiting at-risk behaviors impacting academic performance. The students are then connected with resources that meet their needs. This identification and referral process is critical the first four weeks of the semester; however, it continues until the course withdrawal deadline of each semester. 

How it Works

The Academic Alert System should be used after initial contact between the instructor and student has proven ineffective. Faculty should submit an Academic Alert on students exhibiting academic and personal difficulties interfering with learning, including but not limited to:

  • Problems with attendance and/or tardiness
  • Persistent late/missing assignments
  • Low quiz/exam scores
  • Behavioral issues
  • Other concerns impacting academic performance

Instructors should not submit and Academic Alert for students who have never attended the course—the Registrar’s Office collects that information.

Reporting a Concern                                                     

  • Visit Pitt-Johnstown Campus Services
  • Log-in using your Pitt username and password
  • Under the Academic Success Center heading, click “Submit an Academic Alert”
  • Search for the student
  • Complete Academic Alert form

What Happens Next?

Upon receiving an Academic Alert, ASC staff will send an email to the student’s Pitt email, encouraging him/her to complete the Interactive Resource Guide.  The IRG is a web-based tool that collects information on the student’s situation and guides him/her through the decision-making process for improving their situation.

The IRG discusses:

  • Processes & deadlines for add/drop, course withdrawal, & term withdrawal
  • Encouragement to meet with the instructor to discuss the situation
  • Encouragement to seek advice from academic advisor
  • Instructions for utilizing tutoring services
  • Suggested study strategies for improving grade
  • Explanation of services provided by the Office of Health Services for testing accommodations and personal counseling