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Our Mission

The mission of the Division of Education of the University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown is to provide high-quality programs that produce exemplary educators who are knowledgeable, resourceful, and well-prepared to make contributions to the schools and communities in which they work. We want to prepare you for your transformation as an educator who is ready to make a difference in the lives of your students. Additionally, Pitt-Johnstown's Education Division offers several optional certifications and endorsements, which provide further specialization, real-world experience, and marketability to our graduates. We invite you to explore the profiles of our faculty members, the individuals who work to uphold our mission of service, support, and guidance for our students.

Degree Programs

The University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown Education Division offers programs leading to a Bachelor of Science or Bachelor of Arts in more than sixteen areas of concentration. Students begin their coursework as pre-education majors and (depending on their field of study) will be required to apply for admittance into the upper level between their sophomore and junior year. Following all requirements are met, students are admitted into the Education Division's Upper-Level and begin working with a cohort of peers until their graduation. Pitt-Johnstown Education classrooms aim to provide students with a well-rounded, hands-on approach to theory, practical knowledge, and application.

Enhanced Degree Opportunities

Endorsement and Certification Areas

Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics (STEM)

What is the STEM Endorsement Certificate?
As approved by the PA department of education, the STEM endorsement provides documentation of an educator's specialization in an emerging area where formal certifications do not exist. The coursework associated with the endorsement program intends to improve a teacher's knowledge, skills, and practice in dealing with complex classroom settings.

Who can Earn the STEM Endorsement?

  • All UPJ education majors who are working toward their teaching certification (Early childhood, middle level, and secondary)
  • Practicing teachers who hold a level I or level II PA teaching certificate (post-baccalaureate)

Click here to access the full STEM requirements.

English as a Second Language (ESL) Program Specialist Certificate 

English as a Second Language (ESL) Program Specialist:
English as a second language ESL is a term for the use or study of the English language by non-native speakers in an English-speaking environment. Pitt-Johnstown is a Pennsylvania-approved ESL certificate program. 

The Requirements to Obtain an ESL Program Specialist Certificate Include:

  • All UPJ education majors who are working toward their teaching certification (Early childhood, middle level, and secondary)
  • Practicing teachers who hold a level I or level II PA teaching certificate (post-baccalaureate)
  • Completion of a state-approved certification program

Click here to access the full ESL certificate requirements.

Immersive Education

Our Education Division offers one of the most immersive classroom experiences in the state!

Pitt-Johnstown enjoys positive relationships and collaborates with our surrounding K-12 public districts and private schools to provide our students with real-world experience in the classroom as early as their freshman year! Opportunities occur through observations, volunteer opportunities, and club/organization involvement. Considerations for student travel needs are observed when observations are required as part of underclassman, or pre-education, degree requirements. 

Study Abroad

Please click here to review Pitt-Johnstown's, Institutional Statement on Global Experiences.

Another exciting feature of Pitt Johnstown's Education Programming includes our Study Abroad Program options for students! As an undergraduate, you may elect to complete a 7-week student teaching experience in one of the following locations. Tuition and residential assistance for these exciting opportunities are also available.

Student Options for Studying Abroad:

  • Student Teaching in New Zealand 
  • Student Teaching in Bolivia

Study Abroad Program Contact

Bethany McConnell, Ph.D. | Associate Professor | | 814-269-7107

Positive Program Outcomes

Celebrating Our Division's Positive Outcomes

All programs are designed to facilitate graduation in four years, yet, the experiences are meant to produce transformed and qualified educators who are sought out by districts, near-and-far, for employment! 

  • 90% of Pitt-Johnstown Education Division graduates are employed within their desired career within a year
  • 82% are employed in Pennsylvania.

Certification and Licensing (2022)  

  • Number of teacher candidates taking state assessment for certification and licensing: 416
  • Test takers who passed: 89%

Retention and Placement (2022)  

  • Percentage of teacher candidates accepted teaching positions in Pennsylvania: 98%

Important General Timelines

 This list is a suggested checklist and is a general reminder for all education majors. Please refer to the Education Division Student Handbook below which matches the year you enrolled as a pre-education major for specific details or individual program guidelines.

Student Handbooks 

Fall 2020- Spring 2021
Fall 2021- Spring 2022
  • 2021-2022 Education Division Handbook 
Fall 2022- Spring 2023
Fall 2023- Spring 2024

A Year-by-Year Checklist

Freshman Year


  • Submit background clearances and fingerprinting results to the Office of Field Experience – Biddle 149. (See Required Background Clearances)


  • Sign up with your advisor for spring term registration advising prior to the registration date.
  • Sign-up sheet on the advisor's door or online. _ _ (1st term only). Continue this process every term.
  • Speak with your advisor about double majors, double certifications, and minors.


  • When registering for fall term courses, be sure you will have taken at least three of your program's selected courses, the two required math courses, one English composition course, and one English literature course by the end of the fall term of your sophomore year.


  • Register for a summer testing date for the Basic Skills Certifications tests if you haven't already taken and passed the tests during your freshman year or qualify based upon additional factors (check with your advisor).
Sophomore Year


  • Begin to organize your Professional Portfolio. 
  • Fall Advising Period: Obtain upper-level application and letter of recommendation forms from the Division Office (Biddle 153)

Below: Please refer to the handbook or your individual program website for specific information:

  • Distribute letter of recommendation forms to faculty members before the end of the term. January 15 or May 15.
  • By the due date, submit the completed upper-level application form to the Division Office 153 Biddle.
Junior Year


  • Register for graduation online in PeopleSoft
  • Check your program audit online to verify that you have met all program requirements.


  • If appropriate, during the advising session, have your advisor complete the Degree Audit Course Substitution/Waiver Form for courses substituted or waived in your program.


  • Apply for updates to background clearances around August 15 (before your senior year if student teaching in the spring term) 
  • Early Childhood with Special Education, please complete and submit the student teaching application (see individual program website or student handbook for details)
Senior Year


  • Middle and Secondary education candidates obtain applications for spring term student teaching during the first week of the term from the Field Placement Office (Biddle 149).
  • Early Childhood education candidates will receive applications in your student teaching seminar.
  • Meet with your advisor by September 23 to review your application. (If the teacher candidate is teaching in the fall term, obtain an application in January prior and meet with the advisor by January 23 to review your application.)
  • By September 30 submit the completed application, updated background checks, and TB test results to Field Placement Office 149 Biddle.


  • Take Praxis II (Content Area or Specialty) and PECT Test for Prek-4 certification tests.


  • Meet with your advisor to review your completed Education Division Graduation/Certification Application, returning it to 153 Biddle by the deadline. 

Quick Access Forms 

Upper-Level/Student Teaching

Prospective Students

Post-Baccalaureate FAQs

What are the Post-Baccalaureate admission criteria for the certification program?

  • To be admitted as an applicant an undergraduate GPA of 3.0 or higher.  Applicants must have teaching certification and have passed the teaching concentration(s) PRAXIS II subject assessment. To remain in a certification program, students must maintain a 3.0 GPA.

 How long will it take to complete the post-baccalaureate program?

  • After review of transcripts candidates will have a projected program timeline.  Availability to take courses when they are offered should be factored.

When are courses offered?

  • Courses will be offered during summer and evening formats to accommodate teachers in the field.  After applying please be sure to follow the survey link to fill out the survey monkey which will help to target desired times for availability.

Will I have to student teach?

  • Yes, PDE now requires experiences to be fulfilled for classroom course work through core competences.  Each candidates requirements will vary depending on current teaching experiences.

When are the application deadlines?

  • Please have your application and all materials in at least one month before the start of the new course session. Courses begin in June, August, and January.

What kind of advising is available for post-baccalaureate candidates?

  • All candidates will have a faculty program advisor. Candidates will meet with the advisor to develop a program plan and schedule courses. Candidates can also meet with their advisor to develop a professional development plan to meet specific career needs.

Are there other requirements for PA certification?

  • PDE requires that candidates pass the required Praxis, and PECT Examinations for Early Childhood Certification. Additionally, teacher candidates will be required to complete a Professional Educator Portfolio.
Basic Skills Testing

***Reminder: BASIC SKILLS REQUIREMENTS are TEMPORARILY WAIVED for Pre-Education Majors.***

Information is provided below for a time when Basic Skills Tests are reinstated:

Pre-Education Majors are required to show competency in THREE areas: Reading, Writing, and Math. 

Pre-Education Majors have several avenues for which they may show basic skills competency:

Competencies to meet WRITING Basic Skills: (Only one of the areas below is necessary to meet the writing requirement)

  • SAT: Passing Score (see above Cert. Test and Score Requirements)
  • ACT: Passing Score (see above Cert. Test and Score Requirements)
  • PAPA: Passing Score (see above Cert. Test and Score Requirements)
  • COREPassing Score (see above Cert. Test and Score Requirements)

       OR, through Successful Coursework:

  • Completed writing course: Comp I or II with a grade of B or Better

Competencies to meet READING Basic Skills: (Only one of the areas below is necessary to meet the writing requirement)

  • SAT: Passing Score (see above Cert. Test and Score Requirements)
  • ACT: Passing Score (see above Cert. Test and Score Requirements)
  • PAPAPassing Score (see above Cert. Test and Score Requirements)
  • CORE: Passing Score (see above Cert. Test and Score Requirements)

​       OR, through Successful Coursework:

  • ENGLIT | 0055, 0088, 0401, 0557, 0574, 0598, 1241 (B or Better)

Competencies to meet MATH Basic Skills: (Only one of the areas below is necessary to meet the writing requirement)

  • SAT: Passing Score (see above Cert. Test and Score Requirements)
  • ACT: Passing Score (see above Cert. Test and Score Requirements)
  • PAPA: Passing Score (see above Cert. Test and Score Requirements)
  • CORE: Passing Score (see above Cert. Test and Score Requirements)

​       OR, through Successful Coursework (check with your advisor)


Preparation Resources (From the Praxis Website)

Visit the bookstore for all of your textbook, apparel, and merchandise necessities!

Important Division Contacts

Charline Barnes Rowland, EdD Associate Professor of Education and Division Chair 
814-269-7961  |

Douglas Ledney, EdD, Director of Field Practicums and Clinical Experiences
814-269-7013  |

Karen ClitesDivision Administrative Assistant, Teacher Certification Officer
814-269-7010  | | Fax: 814-269-7084


Pitt-Johnstown Education Division 153 Biddle Hall 450 Schoolhouse Road  Johnstown, PA 15904 | 814.269.7010