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Middle Level Education

Are you Interested in Becoming a Middle-Level Educator?

Middle-Level Education

The Pitt-Johnstown Middle-Level Education (Grades 4-8) certification encompasses the broad subject matter necessary for teaching and specific content in the three main areas of the middle school curriculum: mathematics, science, and social studies. Middle-level educators have the opportunity for employment in a field that dramatically shapes and influences the lives of young people. They work in both public and private schools around the country, and can pursue further education to teach at the college level or become school administrators. 

Pitt-Johnstown Offers Degree Programs for Middle-Level Education in the Following Areas:
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The Pitt-Johnstown Middle-Level Mathematics Certification Program Prepares our Students to Become Certified graduates of Middle-Level English Education who are eligible to teach all subjects in grades 4-6 and English and Language Arts courses in grades 7-8.


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Social Studies

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Information for Pre-Service Educators

Applying to the Upper-Level

Teacher candidates must complete and submit the Application for Upper-Level Studies to the education division office in order to enroll in Upper-Level courses. Applications for Upper-Level must be received, reviewed, and accepted prior to entry into Upper-Level coursework. The Basic skills tests are temporarily waived by the Department of Education.

For detailed information on upper-level requirements, please see the Education Division Program Handbook, Upper-Level section (p.18 - 20).

Applications must be complete and submitted by: 

  • January -or- May 15th to enroll in Upper-Level coursework for the FALL term
  • September 15th to enroll in Upper-Level coursework for the SPRING term

Upper-Level Requirements:

Students may submit their applications when they will have met the following requirements for the term in which they plan to enroll in Upper-Level courses:

      Minimum of 32 earned credits (including transfer, 15 must be from Pitt-Johnstown)

    ☐  Earned at least a C (not C-) in each of the following:

           →  EDPSY 0006 and FDED 0001

           →   at least one ENG LIT course required for his/her program

           →   at least one ENG COMP course required for his/her program

           →   TWO math courses required for his/her program

      Passing Scores in the Three Basic Skills Examinations

           →   The Basic Skills Tests are temporarily waived by the PA Department of Education

      Three Completed Recommendation Forms

      Evidence of Early Field Experience (i.e. volunteer work with children)

    ☐  Successful Completion of Key Program Assessments 

          →    History and Philosophy of Education: Oral Screening

          →    History and Philosophy of Education: Philosophy of Education Paper

    ☐  Minimum Pitt-Johnstown cumulative GPA of 3.000

Helpful Links to Complete Your Application:

      ✅   50 hours of documented volunteer work (volunteer form)

      ✅   3 letters of professional recommendation (recommendation form)

Information for Teacher Candidates

Student Teaching

For detailed information on student teaching requirements, please see the Education Division Program Handbook, Student Teaching section (p.23 - 26).

Application Steps and Policies:

    ☐ Secure an Application for Student Teaching

  • Where: Office of Field Practicum in 149 Biddle in the first week of the term prior to the one in which you will student teach.

    ☐ Schedule to Meet with Your Advisor

  • When: No later than one week before the application deadline to verify that all requirements have been met.

    ☐ Submit the Completed Application

  • Must be signed by their advisor and submitted to the Division Office by the deadline established for each term
  • January 30 for fall student teaching.  

    ☐ Review Clearances (renew if necessary)

  • Current through at least one week after the final day of scheduled student teaching.

    ☐ Submit Evidence of Liability Insurance

    ☐ Submit TB Test Results

    ☐ Register for the Appropriate Student Teaching/Seminar Courses

  • The Student Teaching Seminar is a co-requisite to student teaching and meets once a week. All candidates will receive a Student Teaching Handbook before starting student teaching.


Important Documents:

Graduation Requirements

Education students apply for graduation two times and in two places. For detailed information on graduation requirements, please see the Education Division Program Handbook, Graduation section (p.26-27).

First, they apply for graduation online, in PeopleSoft, three terms prior to their intended graduation date.

Apply for graduation early in the first term of their junior year online (PeopleSoft)

  • For the online graduation application instructions, click here.
  • Students contact Registrar to ensure any course substitutions/waivers are complete and on file.
  • Schedule a meeting to review with your advisor

Second, students apply for graduation with the Education Division during their student teaching term in order for the Division to verify that students have met all Division requirements for graduation.

Apply for graduation with the Education Division during student teaching

  • Application for Graduation provided while enrolled in the Student Teaching Seminar
  • Requires an appointment with their advisor for review
  • Applications submitted to Division’s Administrative Assistant, Biddle 153

           There are additional requirements for graduation, such as:

  • ☐ Cumulative Pitt-Johnstown GPA of at least 3.000 
  • ☐ Cumulative CORE GPA of at least 2.80 for Middle-Level Ed.
The Professional Education Portfolio (PEP)


No candidate will be recommended for certification until s/he has scored a satisfactory rating for the professional portfolio.

Education candidates must assemble and maintain a portfolio related to activities and projects developed and accomplished before graduation and evidence of their growth and development in each domain of the Candidate Learning Framework throughout their program of study. During the Student Teaching Seminar, the instructor will distribute a scoring rubric for indicating necessary PEP evidence and organization. For detailed information on the PEP requirements, please refer to the Education Division Program Handbook, Professional Education Portfolio section (p.52)

Sample items that will be included in the PEP:

  • lesson plans
  • analytical reflections
  • research papers
  • classroom photos (non-identifying)
  • videos
Teacher Certification in Pennsylvania

TIMS Application

Upon successful completion of the program, the student must submit their application for certification directly to PDE (online) through the Teacher Information Management System (TIMS).

Please refer to the Education Division Program Handbook for detailed information on Teaching Certificates in PA.

       ☐ The student must submit a printed copy of the cover sheet (completed application)  to the Division Office, 153 Biddle.

*Important* Program completers who do not successfully submit their TIMS application will not receive state certification until completed and verified online by the Division.

PECT and Praxis Examinations for Certification

Students may repeat the tests as many times as necessary to pass. Students may graduate without passing all tests but will not be certified to teach in Pennsylvania until they have passed all tests

☐   Middle-Level Students are required to take the following Praxis Exams: 

  • ​Pedagogy Subtest Module 1 (5153)
  • English Language Arts and Social Studies Subtest Module 2 (5154)
  • Mathematics and Science Subtest Module 3 (5155)
  • Grades 4-8 Subject Concentration: Social Studies (5157)
  • Grades 4-8 Subject Concentration: English Language Arts (5156)
  • Grades 4-8 Subject Concentration: Mathematics (5158)
  • Grades 4-8 Subject Concentration: Science (5159)

Instructional I Certificate Requirements

As a service to students during their student teaching term, the Division’s Administrative Assistant will assist them in processing the Instructional I Certificate application. 

Fees are paid to PDE: the Education Division charges no fee for this service.
Items required to apply for Instructional I Certificate: 

  • passing scores (certification exams) and;
  • evidence of program completion

The Bureau of Teacher Certification of the Pennsylvania Department of Education will process the Instructional I Certificate online in approximately 4-6 weeks after all applications have been verified.

Certificates can be printed from the TIMS portal.

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