University of Pittsburgh-Johnstown

First-Year Applicants: Application Process

Applying to college can seem like a daunting task.  At Pitt-Johnstown our goal is to take some of the worry and anxiety out of the process for you and your family.  We’ve all been there and we look forward to helping you take the next step. 

Academic Requirements 

Admission requirements differ for Arts & Sciences (most majors), Engineering, and Nursing. The tables below outline the high school coursework required.  

Arts & Sciences:

Subject Units Required Units Preferred
English 4  
Laboratory Science 1 2
Algebra 2  
Geometry   1
Foreign Language 2 (same language)  
Social Sciences 4  


Subject Units Required Units Preferred
English 4  
Chemistry 1  
Algebra 2  
Physics 1  
Plane Geometry 1  
Trigonometry .5 1
Calculus   1
Foreign Language   2 (same language)
Social Studies 4




In addition to the academic requirements, along with a competitive QPA, admission into Engineering requires a minimum SAT Math and Evidence-Based Reading and Writing score of 1100, or ACT Composite score of 22.


Subject Units Required Units Preferred
English 4  
Chemistry 1  
Laboratory Science 2  
Algebra 2  
Academic Math 2  
Foreign Language   2 (same language)
Social Studies 3 4

 *In addition to the academic requirements, along with a competitive QPA, admission into Nursing requires a minimum standardized test score of: SAT 1130 (combined critical reading and math sections) or ACT 23 Composite.

Application Process & Review 

To be considered for admission freshman applicants must submit: 

  • Application for Admission  
  • Official High School Transcript, GED, or Self-Reported Academic Record (available on the On-Line Application for Admission)  

Optional items include:  

SAT/ACT Exam Scores (if you choose to submit scores Pitt-Johnstown's School codes are: 

  • SAT 
  • ACT
  • Letter(s) of Recommendation   
  • Essay  

Upon receipt of your completed application for admission and Official High School Transcript your application is routed to an Enrollment Counselor for initial review.  Your Admission Counselor will review your application, high school transcripts, and any other items you choose to submit with attention to: 

  • Academic performance and curricular rigor beginning your freshman year 
  • Evidence of your ability and potential to succeed in Pitt-Johnstown's academically supportive but challenging academic environment 
  • Evidence of leadership or other personal traits that have the potential to positively impact the Pitt-Johnstown community  

Highly qualified applicants may be considered for early admission to select University of Pittsburgh graduate programs through our Guaranteed Admission Program


Frequently Asked Questions

When should I apply?

Pitt-Johnstown operates on a rolling admissions process, which means that decisions are made as applications arrive. The Admissions committee typically begins to make decisions on applications beginning in September of a student's senior year. As a result, that is the optimal time to apply for admission, though we accept applications at any time.

What does Pitt-Johnstown like to see in a prospective student?

The Pitt-Johnstown Admissions committee welcomes well-rounded students, both academically and personally. We consider each application carefully, looking beyond the numbers, to gain a comprehensive understanding of the student. Academic performance is first and foremost, including all high school coursework. SAT, and/or ACT scores. We look at grades from freshman to junior years - and beyond - as an assessment of each student's capabilities. In addition to academics, involvement in clubs, community service, sports, or leadership roles will be taken into account, though they are not a requirement.

To keep yourself on the correct path in high school, we've included charts to illustrate what coursework all prospective Pitt-Johnstown students need to complete. Most college-bound high school students will complete these requirements as a matter of course, however it's wise to double-check, especially for engineering technology and nursing applicants.

What are the admission requirements for specific majors?

Admission requirements differ for Arts & Sciences (most majors), Engineering, and Nursing. These tables identify the admissions requirements for selected programs.

When will I be notified of a decision?

The Admissions staff at Pitt-Johnstown prides themselves on the quick turn-around time from application to decision, provided that we have received all of the required information to complete your file. You will be notified promptly if any additional documents are needed. Once all materials are received, the Admissions Committee will review your file and notify you of our decision via US mail. You are welcome to check on the status of your application at any time.

Should I meet with an Admissions Counselor?

Unless specifically requested, meeting with a member of the Admissions staff is not required; however, we strongly encourage prospective and admitted students to schedule a campus visit. This includes a full campus tour and an admissions interview, which is an excellent time to ask questions about the campus, your application, majors, and the admissions and financial aid process.

If you are interested in scheduling a campus visit, please contact the Admissions Welcome Center at 1-855-LIKE-UPJ.

I took AP classes in high school, what happens with those?

Students who take the AP (Advanced Placement) test are encouraged to send their results to the  Admissions Welcome Center for a full analysis of college credit equivalency. Pitt-Johnstown will accept a score of 3 or better. You will receive college credits and your AP score may exempt you from certain courses. The AP Guidelines page offers a general overview. For more information, contact the Registrar's Office.