University of Pittsburgh-Johnstown

Pitt-Johnstown Parents' Guide: Freshmen

College is a huge investment of  time, money, and energy. At Pitt-Johnstown we want to ensure that our students have the best possible college experience, and get the most out of their investment.

While this certainly means providing a first rate academic experience, we also encourage our students to explore the wider world outside of the classroom. We are proud of the fact that a high percentage of our admitted students come to us with a proven track record of extra-curricular activities and community service. We encourage all of our students to continue with their involvement.

Available Options

Even before a new student sets foot on campus, he or she receives information about our student activities and organizations. We want our students to be busy, and we want them to have some fun. Many of our student organizations are tied to an academic major, others are strictly for fun. Some are centered on community service, while others are athletic in nature. Whatever a student’s interest, he or she should be able to find an outlet. If it is not available on campus, our Campus Life office can work with students to find it in the community. Once a student arrives on campus, they will have multiple opportunities to meet with representatives from all of our groups.

Joining a Club

While we do encourage getting involved, there are different ways to do that. Not all students are as comfortable joining clubs, at least initially. That’s OK. A student can still get involved and give back by supporting our teams at athletic events, or attending one of our campus lecture series, volunteering to help out in the local community, or taking advantage of the University’s study abroad program. Whatever a student chooses to do outside of the classroom that adds to the college experience is a plus. We offer our students an opportunity to track what they do with an official co-curricular transcript. Along with a diploma, it is a great way to demonstrate how much a student has gained from his or her college career.

Real World Action Program

The Real World Action Program is a unique opportunity for students to get involved in their communities in ways that prepare them for success, leadership, and service in life after college. The Real World Action Program provides students with a structured program to achieve genuine civic engagement, to keep a record of specific efforts, and to benefit from both the personal growth and the public, documented recognition of their acts.