University of Pittsburgh-Johnstown

Advising Notes

Advisors and other authorized PS Administrators can record notes about their interactions with Advisees/Students directly into PeopleSoft. Because these notes will be stored in PeopleSoft, you can then reference the notes at any point from PeopleSoft.

Please Note: Advising Notes are currently not accessible for students due to a PeopleSoft bug that could result in FERPA violations. Oracle is working on this bug and is expecting to have a solution in place soon.

Navigation: Self Service > Advisor Center > My Advisees (then click the Advising Note icon to the right of the students’ name )

Key Features:

  • Assign a note Category and Subcategory to help organize your notes
  • Edits notes with a built in rich text editor
  • Choose a note Status of Open or Closed to better prepare for upcoming advising sessions
  • Upload attachments relevant to discussions/interactions with your Advisees
  • Create and store Action Items for your Advisees
  • Advisors to create notes with related comments, attachments, and action items
  •  Notes stay with the student, so notes are automatically shared among Advisors when Student Advisors change
  • Update existing notes so as to keep a running note for an Advisee
  • Use the attachment Audit to find out who made changes to an attachment and when the changes were made
  • Utilize the My Advising Notes feature to apply filters, allowing for quick note searching

Advising Notes Training Document