University of Pittsburgh-Johnstown

Employee Disability Services

The University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown also works to provide reasonable accommodations to qualified employees with disabilities. 

Disability Services (DS) provides the University community with objective consultation and general information regarding the rights and responsibilities of employees with documented disabilities.

  • What is a reasonable accommodation? A reasonable accommodation is a modification or adjustment to a job or the work environment that will enable a qualified applicant or employee with a disability to participate in or to perform essential job functions.
  • How do I request a reasonable accommodation?
  • Employees or applicants in need of assistance or accommodations should notify their supervisor or Shelley Peruso, Executive Director/Disabilities Specialist. If an employee or applicant is dissatisfied with his or her supervisor's response to a request for an accommodation, the employee should contact Ms. Peruso.

It is the responsibility of the employee with a disability to self-identify and inform the University that an accommodation is requested. Requests for reasonable accommodations are determined on a case-by-case basis and typically involve a cooperative effort among the employee making the request, the supervisor, and Disability Services, with due consideration of the documentation that has been submitted.