University of Pittsburgh-Johnstown

Finding a Roommate

While many students come to college planning to share a room with their friend, the majority of students starting college do not have a roommate identified.  That's why Pitt-Johnstown offers RoomSync, a roommate matching system that allows you to meet your fellow incoming students and identify your ideal roommate. 

How does it work?

RoomSync is a private roommate matching environment with social media tools that allow you to create a profile that is searchable only by other incoming Pitt-Johnstown students.  Your profile can contain information on lifestyle preferences, academic majors, common interests, hometown, and other personal information you wish to share with prospective roommates.  You can search profiles or RoomSync will suggest some matches for you.  You then have the opportunity to interact with the student so you can both get to know each other better.  And that's it!  Simple, right?

Is it reliable?

Yes!  RoomSync puts you in charge of the roommate selection process, with nearly 90% of all users finding the perfect roommate.  When you find a roommate you like, your collegiate experience gets off to a great start…and you are quite possibly making a lifelong friend!

How do I sign up?

Once you have been admitted, you will receive two email messages from us on or around May 1.  One message will explain the housing application process and the second will provide you with your access to RoomSync.  

Is there a deadline to request a roommate?

RoomSync closes on June 30, which is the last date to submit your housing application with a preferred roommate request. 

Can I change my roommate request?

Sure!  But, you need to do it on or before June 30 because that's when the system closes.  That gives us time to confirm your roommate situation in time to give you a housing assignment. Once your room and roommate have been assigned, you will not be able to request any changes until the second week of the semester.  So, make sure you do everything before June 30!

What if I decide to not use RoomSync?

That's not a problem.  When you complete your housing application, you will answer 9 questions designed to help find a roommate match.  So, if you haven't used RoomSync or have not requested a specific roommate, our system's algorithms will find a roommate for you whose application most closely matches yours.  But, wouldn't you rather choose your own roommate instead of having a computer do it for you?