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The major in Humanities (Thematic Cluster) allows students to design a major focusing on one distinct theme or field of study.  Students choosing this major design a major with a faculty advisor choosing an assortment of classes that explore various aspects of a particular theme.  This major necessarily requires that students bring to bear the perspectives that different disciplines of study allow in the consideration of an idea.  For instance, a student interested in exploring the way in which human beings have expressed their reactions to war might design a course of study that features courses in Fine Art, English Literature, History, Philosophy, Theatre, Music, Foreign Language, and Multimedia and Digital Culture.  Or a student interested in the evolution of our ideas about beauty might design a course of study that features courses in Philosophy, Fine Art, English Literature, Theatre, and Music.

Students interested in the Bachelor of Arts in Humanities with a self-designed Thematic Cluster must have the proposed theme and plan of study approved by the Chair of the Division of Humanities prior to declaring the major.


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