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At UPJ, we understand that flexibility when choosing your education is invaluable. Unlike other institutions, we make good on this promise with our program in Humanities (Thematic Cluster). With the assistance of a faculty advisor, students have the opportunity to build a unique Humanities major around a concept or unique idea.

This flexible program allows students to customize their educational experience and explore an important idea that is complex and personal with an expert faculty member to assist them every step along the way!

Thematic Cluster

Major Program

If you are interested in exploring an artistic movement or cultural expression during a time of war, a focused curriculum including Fine Art, English Literature, Theatre, Music, Foreign Language, and Multimedia and Digital Culture might suit what you're looking for.

What about an interest in examining the evolution of aesthetic beauty? That curriculum sounds fascinating; it would likely include courses from Philosophy, Art History, English Literature, and Music!

We can't wait to partner with you and design a curriculum that suits your unique areas of interest!

Why Major in Humanities (Thematic Cluster)?

If you have a passion, an interest, and a drive to examine an idea or specific area in the Humanities--and you require flexibility and versatility from your educational institution, then our Thematic Cluster major might be right for you. You'll be able to tailor your educational experience, explore your passion, and finish college with a BA in Humanities. Further, you'll get to work with an expert who will help you design your major.

Have an idea for a curriculum in the Humanities that you want to pursue? We'd love to hear from you!

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Humanities Division
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