University of Pittsburgh-Johnstown

Laundry Service

Laundry Service is Free to all Pitt-Johnstown Residents

Laundry facilities are provided in convenient locations across campus.   Laundry rooms are available inside the following buildings:

  • First-Year Buildings (lower level): Hemlock, Hickory, Laurel, Oak, and Maple Halls
  • Willow Hall (second floor)
  • CPA (ground floor)
  • LLC (third floor)

Additionally, laundry facilities are also available in the following campus communities (ID cards are required to enter the laundry areas):

  • North Lodges & Townhouses: Basements of Briar, Hawthorn, Heather, and Larkspur Lodges
  • South Lodges & Townhouses: Basement of Buckhorn Lodge.

Convenience of Online Monitoring

Pitt-Johnstown's on-campus laundry service offers the convenience of free laundry combined with technology that provides online access to check the status of washers and dryers in each laundry area.  Additionally users can set text or email alerts to track when their laundry cycle is complete.  Additional information is available in the Laundry Room Flyers document.   

Reporting a Laundry Issue is Simple & Fast

Laundry equipment is provided and maintained by a third-party vendor, CSC Service Works.  Any out-of-service machines need to be reported directly to the vendor (Pitt-Johnstown Facilities Management does not service the washers or dryers on campus).  Reporting a broken unit is as simple as downloading the CSC Service Works Request app and scanning the barcode on the machine.   Please do not report out-of-service machines to Facilities Management or the Housing Office.  Additional information is available here

Laundry Reminders

  • Use of laundry machines is on a first-come, first-served basis.  
  • Please be courteous and remove your items from the machine immediately upon completion of the laundry cycle. 
  • Check your pockets before laundering your clothes.  Items such as pens, hair ties, coins, and loose change can damage the equipment.  
  • Please use only liquid detergent or detergent pods in campus machines.  Powdered detergent should not be used.  
  • Leave washer doors open after use to enable the drum to dry quickly. 
  • Campus washing machines are High Efficiency, which means they require less detergent than regular machines.