University of Pittsburgh-Johnstown

Major Curricula

The History Major

The History Department offers a Bachelor of Arts degree in History.

History Major Course Checklist

The Education Majors

The Education Division offers two Bachelor of Arts Degrees, one in Secondary Education Social Studies--History and the other in Middle Level Education--Social Studies.

Secondary Education Social Studies--History Major Course Checklist

Middle Level Education Social Studis Major Course Checklist

Double Major in History and Education

Students can Double Major in History and Secondary Education Social Studies--History, or History and Middle Level Education Social Studies.
  • Requires a few more courses in the Social Sciences beyond what is required for the Education degrees
  • Advantage for the student is that they will have a Bachelor's degree in the field they will be teaching in Middle or High School 
  • Dr. Conlon can advise Education Majors about how to Double Major.