University of Pittsburgh-Johnstown

Timothy R Whisler, PhD

  • Interim Division Chair of Business & Enterprise
  • Assistant Professor of Business Economics/Finance

I joined the Economics faculty of UPJ in 2019 after a highly successful three-decade career as a professor and administrator at Saint Francis University, Loretto, PA. I earned a couple of teaching awards there while offering classes in macroeconomics, economic and business history and the history of Britain, Europe, and Middle East. My Socratic method means that I ask lots of questions in the classroom.  Students will analyze and discuss economic concepts and theories and then apply them in real world situation. After all, I used similar approaches when I worked as an economic and political analyst for the federal government. We try to have some fun in the classroom too. Besides the ‘Story of the Day’, look for BC the Cat and Bella the Chocolate Lab to pop up in the class outline. 


By studying business and economic history, students gain insight into the general principles and specific actions that created successful enterprises and promoted the economic development of regions and countries. And, also why certain firms prosper or crash and particular government policies fail or succeed. The 1972 MGB sports car (it was British Racing Green and had wire wheels) that I owned in college started my exploration into British industrial decline.  Let’s talk about those issues in class or you can read about them in the books and articles that I have published over the past two decades.

Macroeconomics American Economic History
Comparative Economic Development History of World Automobile Industry


Education & Training

  • BA Millersville University
  • MA Penn State University
  • PhD (1992) The University of London


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