University of Pittsburgh-Johnstown

Pitt-Johnstown: Trails, Wildlife, and Community Engagement

The University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown is nestled within nearly 650 acres of forested greenspace, cherished by both faculty and students alike. Its woods are adorned with charming waterfalls and streams, intriguing rock formations, and a variety of delicate flowering plant communities. These are set amongst a backdrop of mixed deciduous trees and mature eastern hemlocks.

The campus boasts 8 miles of hiking trails catering to a wide range of activity levels, from casual walking and jogging to more strenuous hiking and mountain biking. Alongside these trails, visitors can find several athletic fields and a running track, welcoming members of the community to enjoy the campus trails throughout the year.

The campus is a haven for diverse plant and animal life, serving as an invaluable educational resource for both professors and students. In recognition of its efforts to sustain and enhance its biodiversity, Pitt-Johnstown was certified as an Audubon Cooperative Sanctuary in 2019. The university demonstrates a steadfast commitment to the health of its forests and the vigor of its environmental program.

Visitors to our trails will encounter numerous landmarks, including the popular campus waterfall along Rocky Run and the stone dam constructed by Dr. Idzkowsky and his students in the 1960s. The Log Cabin, erected behind the Wellness Center in 1972 by students and employees, remains a lively hub for bands, parties, and various activities.

For an enjoyable experience on the trails, we recommend wearing appropriate attire, bringing water, and checking for ticks after your adventure. Discover the wilderness of Pitt-Johnstown for yourself!

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About the wildlife, contact Dr. Dahlin 
About the landscape, contact Dr. Schaney
About the map, contact UPJ Alumni Sam Felix
Current Supervisor of Campus Grounds, David Finney