University of Pittsburgh-Johnstown

Post-Enrollment Requirement Checking

Post Enrollment Requirement Checking (PERC) is a PeopleSoft process/solution that compares classes' enrollment requirements to an enrolled student’s completed classes to determine if the students have satisfied the enrollment requirements for that class. The result of running the PERC process in PeopleSoft is a page entitled the Enrollment Requirement Roster (ERR) that will be available to campus/school/department administrators. On this ERR, a Post Enroll Req Status is listed for each student who is enrolled in the class. School Administrators can then use this Post Enroll Req Status field to determine the next course of action. If the action is to send a notification email to the student about not satisfying the enrollment requirement; that can be done directly from the ERR. If the action is to then drop the student out of the class; just switch to the Quick Enroll page and process the drop… Simple as that!

PERC was designed as a streamlined alternative to reviewing either a hard copy or electronic copy of a student’s entire academic record to determine if she or he has passed Spanish 0001 prior to starting Spanish 0002 (as an example). Usage of this functionality is completely voluntary. If PERC is something that your campus/school/department is not interested in utilizing, then stop reading this message. If PERC is, however, something that you are interested in utilizing, please email the PERC Team.

PERC Training Video