University of Pittsburgh-Johnstown

Request Group Housing

Group housing is a great way to create an on-campus living environment where you and your friends can reside in the same location.  Group housing is available in Willow Hall, Townhouses, College Park Apartment (4-person units), and lodges (please note group housing is different from Club and Organizational Housing). Applications for 2024-2025 group housing will be available at 9 a.m., Monday, March 4 and will close at noon, Monday, March 25.

What are the Requirements for Group Housing?

  • A member of the group should be designated "group leader."  This person will be responsible for submitting the application, checking email messages frequently and responding in a timely manner, and communicating with the group members.  If a group is awarded group housing, the leader will be responsible for "booking" each student, meaning that person will make the housing assignments and enter each student's meal plan choice.  Each group member will receive an email notifying them that they need to "accept" their invitation. 
  • All members of a group must have completed their 2024-2025 housing application, paid the $150 deposit, and accepted the invitation to be a part of the group.  
  • A group must contain the required number of occupants for the location they are choosing:
    • Willow Hall – 4- and 5-person groups
    • Townhouses – 4- and 5-person groups
    • College Park Apartment – 4 person groups
    • Lodges – 8-person groups.
  • A student cannot be a member of more than one group housing application for the same housing type (i.e., Willow Hall), otherwise both groups will be disqualified.  A student who is part of an organizational housing application cannot be listed on a group application, otherwise the group will be disqualified. 
  • Group housing is awarded on a seniority basis to groups with the required number of group members (a request for a private room will disqualify a group) that have the highest number of combined terms-in-residence (the number of full-terms each group member has resided on campus).
  • Group applications for Willow Hall are reviewed and approved first, followed by townhouses, CPA, and lodges.  If a group does not quality for Willow, that group will then have an opportunity to submit a group application for townhouses.  If the group does not qualify for a townhouse, they can submit an application for CPA, etc.

Eligibility to be a part of a group

Students must be enrolled and housed for the current spring term in order to be included as a member on a group housing application.  Students who are not currently housed can be included if all of the following conditions are met:

  1. Student resided on campus for at least five weeks during the 2024 Spring Term
  2. Student officially withdrew from all 2024 Spring Term classes
  3. Student’s account must be in good standing with the University
  4. Student is enrolled for the 2025 fall term (it is the student’s responsibility to notify the Housing Office staff when they have enrolled for the fall term)


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