University of Pittsburgh-Johnstown

Special Interest

Additive Manufacturing Club

This club will emphasize involvement with the additive manufacturing process through projects and hands-on experience with machines.

Project ideas include desigining and building a system to recycle bottles into printer filament.



American Sign Language Club

The goal is to learn the deaf culture and to communicate through American Sign Language. There are no requirements, but a sincere interest in learning is appreciated.

Anime Club

Have an interest in Japanese Animation? Want to learn more about Japanese Culture? The anime clubs offers members a chance to meet like minded individuals to discuss Japanese culture weekly while helping its members work on projects as they go out to various conventions throughout the year.

Black Action Society
Black Action Society was founded in 1968. B.A.S. sponsors a number of programs and activities throughout the year. The group's primary objectives are to:
  • develop and stimulate the interests of students on Pitt-Johnstown's campus
  • meet the cultural, political, educational and social needs of students
Past activities have included:
  • bowling parties
  • guest speakers
  • performing artists
  • picnic for new students
  • Sepia Fashion Revue (annual fashion show)
  • skating
Blue and Gold Society

The University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown's Blue and Gold Society is a group of undergraduate student leaders who have been chosen to act as liaisons between the student community and the Pitt-Johnstown Alumni Association.

Membership in the group offers excellent networking opportunities as well as the chance to develop valuable leadership skills.


The Blue and Gold Society supports on-campus events by serving as ambassadors of the Alumni Association. Members can welcome visitors to your events and assist in a number of other ways. Use the request form to request Blue and Gold Society presence at an on-campus event. Completed forms should be returned to 272 Blackington Hall.

Request Form


College Democrats

This is an organization established to promote political awareness on the Pitt-Johnstown campus and in the Johnstown community through volunteer activities, sponsoring political speakers and events on campus.

College Republicans

This is a new organization to UPJ that gets involved with the political process of this nation. We want our voices heard. Debates are held in our meetings during the national elections. We are a voice for college students who believe in family values and small government, and who want to be heard!

Commuter Club

The Commuter Club provides commuter students the opportunity to be socially connected to campus-wide activities and to address needs of commuter students.

Film and Cinema Club
First Generation Club
Greek Council

Advance the general interests of the fraternity and sorority community and the University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown at large. This club has jurisdiction of all governing policies and documents.

Photography Club
Pitt-Johnstown Programming Board

Campus-wide programming of social, cultural and educational programs and activities are provided by the Pitt-Johnstown Program Board.

Programming activities include:

  • Films
  • Comedians
  • Hypnotists
  • Craft Nights
  • Speed Dating and Relationship Programming
  • Trips to college and professional athletic events
  • Live music 
  • Theme nights
  • Novelty events (escape rooms, laser tag, etc)
  • Support of Traditional Campus Events

There are many standing committees within the Pitt-Johnstown Program Board.

Membership in the Pitt-Johnstown Program Board  is open to all full- time students.

By becoming a member of the Board, you have a wonderful opportunity to meet new people and gain experience in leadership and teamwork.

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Role-Playing Games Club

The Purpose is to give the students and faculty the opportunity to partake in the benefits and adventures of role playing.

Student-Athlete Advisory Committee

A student-athlete advisory committee (SAAC) is a committee made up of student-athletes assembled to provide insight on the student-athlete experience.

Student Government Association

The Student Government Association is the governing student body at Pitt-Johnstown. It serves as the official representative of the students to the University administration.

Organization Forms »

Responsibilities and activities include:

  • allocating monies from the Student Activities Fee to registered student organizations or student centered initiatives.
  • granting or withdrawing recognition of registered student organizations
  • plan and coordinate the PITT STOP program
  • Assist in the coordination of the Pitt-Johnstown@Your Service Days and annual Pitt Make A Difference Day
  • Winter Formal 

Each student has a voice in the Government through participation in campus-wide elections of Officers and Senators. President, Vice President and Senator-at-Large elections take place every spring (with Freshman Senators being elected in October). Membership is open to any full-time student who meets the University Relations Committee requirements and presents a petition containing the appropriate amount of student signatures.

Activity in Student Government Association is not limited to elected members. Students interested in serving in some capacity should contact any Student Senator. Meetings of the Student Senate are open to members of the student body, faculty and administration.


  • 814-269-7087
  • Email: 
  • Student Government Association Office, G-61 Student Union Building


The Allocations Committee meets with recognized student organizations throughout the year regarding the Student Activities Fee. This committee also handles requests from student organizations such as Budget Modifications and Emergency Allocations. Allocations Committee also assembles the Student Activities Fund for the next academic year. The committee will assemble a draft of the budget at least three (3) meetings before the end of the current SGA administration. Contact chairpersons Isabel Lanthaler at

Recreation and Publicity 

Our committee works with all the recreational activity within our organization. We also focus on informing all students of the business that takes place within the Student Government Association through this website, as well as our social media accounts.  Recreation & Publicity also is responsible for the annual Pitt Stop Program here on campus that provides discounts and incentives to students from various local businesses in the Johnstown area. We also organize most of the volunteering activities here on campus. Contact chairperson Kaitlyn Hores at

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    • Instagram: upj_sga
    • Snapchat: upj_sga

Campus Development 

The Campus Development Committee handles matters regarding Owen Library, Information Technology, the Registrar's Office, Career Services, campus grounds, Campus Police, Renovations, Academic Halls, parking, and any related facilities. This committee is responsible for overseeing the major development issues here on campus such as laundry facilities, road conditions, and renovations. In order to conduct their business Campus Development will meet with the Vice President of Finance & Administration and the Vice President of Student Affairs. Contact chairperson Arsh Baig at

Campus Relations

The Campus Relations Committee deals with all matters concerning aspects of every recognized student organization including but not limited to charters constitutions, administration, advisors, community service, and membership. Contact chairperson Courtney Walsh at

Vendor Relations

The Food Services Committee meets with Sodexo throughout the year to discuss problems students have regarding the food on campus and what can be fixed or improved with all dining services at UPJ. Contact chairperson Connor Watkins at

Student Policies

The policies committee handles the concerns and suggestions of the student body regarding policies such as those that are listed in the Student Code of Conduct. The Student Policies committee is the liaison between the SGA and the Office of Student Conduct & Conflict Resolution, the committee will meet with this office when necessary. Contact chairperson Hunter McDermot at

Diversity and Inclusion

The Diversity and Inclusion committee provides a better link between BAS, GSA, and the Student Government. The goal of this committee is to help all students feel a sense of belonging and inclusion on campus. Contact chairsperson Jayme Ertter at

Veterans United Club

The purpose of this club is to establish a comradary with active and veteran military students outside of the classroom. Members will act as a support group for one another and as a peer resource to assist with the transition to college life. Members required to be active or former members of the United States military.