University of Pittsburgh-Johnstown

UPJReady 2020 Restart Planning


Memo to students delivered on June 30, 2020 about fall reopening plans.

We are preparing for units to begin working regularly from campus in July.  The first step to any return to working on campus is certification of building readiness, which will occur in early July.  In the meantime, units can prepare and submit their department restart plans for review and approval.  This plan will help to make sure that each unit is taking reasonable steps to apply the university standards to their workplace with the goal of maintaining a safe workplace for students, faculty and staff.

Departments will submit two documents.  To resume regular work activities on campus, submit:  (1) COVID 19 Mitigation Plan and (2) Checklist for resuming Work-Non Lab.  To resume lab activities, submit (1) COVID 19 Mitigation Plan and (2) Checklist for resuming Lab Activities.  In reviewing considerations regarding signage or partitions for your department, please take note that the Facilities Committee and Communications Committee are providing general building signage for public spaces and classrooms, but will appreciate and review any suggestions that you have for spaces within your department such as lobbies or conference rooms.  In addition, we have begun a review and ordering plexiglass partitions for building spaces, but will review any additional requests for spaces that within your department.

I have attached templates of each of these documents.  I have also attached a sample of a completed plan and checklist from the UPJ Facilities Management Department to assist units in developing their plan.  Please direct any questions to Amy Buxbaum at  Also, please note that employees must receive one week’s notice before being required to return to campus for work.

In addition to these documents, employees and managers will need to complete training and self-attestations regarding their health before returning to work on campus.  These documents are not yet finalized and will be shared as soon as they are in final form.

As part of the University of Pittsburgh's efforts to ensure a safe and healthy environment for all employees and visitors on campus. Beginning immediately and continuing until further notice, a self-attestation of symptoms must be completed for every day an individual comes to the campus for any reason and for any length of time. The self-attestation requirements apply to all individuals who work on or visit the Johnstown campus. The form can be found at the link below and can also be found through the UPJ website COVID Updates.

Self-Attestation Form:

Please save this link in a place you can easily retrieve. The form is mobile friendly and can be submitted through your telephone as well. Consider saving the link to your phone or setting a calendar reminder to complete the form to consistently submit this attestation. The form asks for the user name and a supervisor name. Employees are required to provide a supervisor and supervisor email. This is optional for visitors or non-employee campus affiliates. In addition, any employee who works on campus should review the PowerPoint presentation below. The training is not yet finalized so at this time, it is not possible to receive a certificate of completion. When the training is finalized, all employees will be able to review the training again and receive a certificate at that time.

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