University of Pittsburgh-Johnstown

Who You Gonna Call?

If you're having a problem in your room (like the wi-fi not working or having no hot water), contacting the correct department can save a lot of time and help resolve things more efficiently.  Don't assume that someone else has already reported the issue…it's better to have multiple reports of the same issue than none at all. Here are some of the common issues students need to report:

Facilities Management

For issues with:

  • Plumbing (water leak, clogged drain, malfunctioning toilet)
  • No hot water
  • Room temperature
  • Bed issue: bunking, raising, lowering
  • Refrigerator not working
  • Microwave not working
  • Window repair
  • No power
  • Mice
  • Snow removal

Contact: (click on Facilities Management Maintenance Request)

Information Technology

For issues with:

  • Networked printers (including needing paper)
  • Computer or printer in a computer lab



For issues with Wi-Fi


Voice: 866-423-4564

Laundry Services

For issues with any washer or dryer on campus