University of Pittsburgh-Johnstown

2022 Spring Information and Reminders

The following message was sent to all students on January 4, 2022, from Christian J. Stumpf, Vice President for Student Affairs

Academic Classes

Classes will begin as scheduled on Monday, January 10. To facilitate a smooth and safe transition, the University is providing a remote option beginning Jan. 10 and ending Jan. 17. During this transitional period, faculty and students will have the flexibility to choose between being in the classroom or using Zoom for synchronous course delivery. Faculty will communicate how their classes will be offered (remotely or in-person) for the first week of the semester as was the case in the Fall 2021 semester. In effect,

  • Instructors may deliver classes from a location of their choice, including the assigned classroom.
  • Students may choose to attend class and learn from a location of their choice, including the assigned classroom.
  • Campus study and experiential spaces - including all classrooms, computer labs and the Owen Library - will be open and available to all members of the University community to use during this time.
  • All field placements, practicum experiences, lab classes, and research labs will continue activities as planned.

Vaccine Requirement

Just a reminder that all students must be fully vaccinated or received an exemption to the vaccine requirement to be a student at any Pitt campus during the Spring 2022 semester. If you do not meet this requirement, the following will occur:

  1. There was a hold placed on your account on December 15th that will not allow you to add classes for Spring 2022.
  2. Resident students will not be permitted to return to University housing.
  3. If you have already enrolled in classes for the spring semester, you must either have an approved exemption or be fully vaccinated (both shots of Moderna or Pfizer or one shot of J&J) by the start of spring classes or you will be disenrolled. Additionally, if you are a resident, your housing will be canceled.

If you are partially vaccinated and cannot get the second dose by the start of spring classes (for any reason), you should apply for a medical exemption ASAP to allow you to remain in classes.

A link to the Vaccine Requirements and instructions on how to apply for an exemption can be found here.

Vaccination Reporting

All students are encouraged to become fully vaccinated (even students who may have received approved exemptions). If you do start the vaccination process, or get your second shot, please change your status on our tracking system in UPJ Campus Services.

Resident Student Arrival

Residence halls will reopen at 8 a.m. on Sunday, January 9 as scheduled.

Unvaccinated students (with exemptions) – MUST submit a negative PCR COVID-19 test prior to returning to campus. The test will need to have been administered within one week of your return (meaning the test cannot have been administered prior to Saturday, January 1). You cannot return to campus housing without providing a negative test. Please do not come to campus unless you have received an email from Housing & Dining Services confirming receipt of your test results. Students who arrive without a test result on file will not be permitted on campus.
Vaccinated students – must take a Covid-19 test after arriving to campus. The easiest way of doing this is through the Quest testing process.

Please visit the spring arrival page for full information on return to housing, including detailed testing instructions, for the 2022 Spring semester. 

COVID-19 Testing

For the spring semester, all students who have been granted vaccine exemptions (not fully vaccinated) must begin weekly testing once the semester begins. You will receive reminders about the start of testing. Commuter students with approved exemptions must have a negative test prior to attending class in person. Reminder – if you have tested positive within the previous 90 days, you do not need to test until the 90-day period has ended.


The University is implementing a shelter-in-place beginning Saturday, Jan. 8 through at least Jan. 13 for all students. During this time, students should only leave their residences when necessary, such as to pick up food, exercise safely, attend class, work, shop for essentials or attend to medical needs.

During this shelter-in-place period, meals from PJ's Dining Hall will be on a to-go basis only and the food court area will be closed for seating. The Tuck Shop and Pitt Stop will be open as usual for either in-person ordering or on-line ordering via BOOST.

If you tested positive for Covid-19 over the winter break, please follow the guidelines from your doctor or medical provider for the safety of your family and the campus community. Additionally, please send any positive diagnosis for Covid-19 and documentation to Shelley Peruso, Executive Director of Health and Counseling ( This information will be added to your health records and will give you a 90-day pause in the required testing for unvaccinated students.