University of Pittsburgh-Johnstown

Service to Pitt-Johnstown

President’s Staff Award for Excellence in Service to Pitt-Johnstown recognizes staff members whose commitment and perseverance to Pitt-Johnstown have made a substantial organizational impact. 


This award recognizes the service given by an individual to Pitt-Johnstown.  Service to the campus will be defined by volunteer activities promoting the welfare and progress of the Pitt-Johnstown campus and its students, and commitment to the University above and beyond the individual’s job responsibilities.  Strong commitment to our campus and volunteer participation in campus endeavors are important for our continuing progress.

Number of Awards

Generally, no more than one award within this category will be made within a calendar year.  Exceptions may be made in extraordinary circumstances.  There may be years when no award is made within this category.  The award will be announced at the annual staff luncheon held each year in December.  The winner will receive a $500 award.


All full-time, classified and union staff members of the University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown are eligible.  The candidates for this award must have an employment record with Pitt-Johnstown for a minimum of five (5) years and be in good standing at the University, with no adverse employment actions within the last 12 months.  Previous recipients of the President’s Staff Award for Excellence in Service are not eligible.


Candidates must demonstrate a pattern of voluntary service of significant importance to the University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown.  This may include contributions to the success of their unit/department, as well as working collaboratively with colleagues to further the work of their own and other units/departments of Pitt-Johnstown.    Other accomplishments worthy of nomination might include: supporting the diversity of the Pitt-Johnstown campus community, making a special effort to recognize excellence in others, or consistently demonstrating positive interpersonal relationships.


Any individual within the University community (including faculty, staff, students and alumni) may nominate a staff member for this award.  Members of the local community who are familiar with a staff member’s volunteer efforts may also submit a nomination.  Self-nominations are not permitted.

Repeat Nominations

Nominations submitted the previous year will automatically be considered for this year’s award.  As all nominations are confidential, employees are not informed of their nomination status.

Past Recipients 

  • Shelley Peruso, 2018
  • John Ziats, 2017
  • Doe Berkey, 2016
  • Sue Palov, 2015
  • Mark Dougherty, 2014
  • Pat Pecora, 2013
  • Todd Shaffer, 2012
  • Andrew Csikos, 2011
  • Carrie Owens, 2010
  • Beverly Walerysiak, 2009
  • Diane Lenio, 2008
  • Marilyn Alberter, 2007
  • Andrea Leibfreid and Pam Sabol, 2006
  • Jeanne Susko, 2005
  • Beth Whiteman and Bob Knipple, 2004
  • Bruce Haselrig, 2003
  • Betsy Goenner, 2002
  • Victor Kohler and Sharon Wilson, 2001
  • Nancy Brunberg, 2000
  • Shirley Richards, 1999