University of Pittsburgh-Johnstown

Welcome from the President


It is an honor to welcome you to Pitt-Johnstown — a truly special place. Throughout our unusually beautiful campus, our students, faculty, and staff are making the most of their talents, acquiring, creating and disseminating the knowledge necessary to engage, shape and transform our world for the better.

Our highly ranked institution is also the first and largest regional campus of the University of Pittsburgh, a world-renowned center of knowledge and research. We are proud to provide a high-quality educational experience that enables our students to graduate with the knowledge and skills of an educated person – attributes critical to safeguarding our democracy and competing in a highly competitive world in which local and global are increasingly interconnected.

At Pitt-Johnstown you receive a Pitt-quality education in an up-close-and-personal learning environment, where talented faculty cultivate excellence and facilitate student success. In a picturesque setting that supports learning, our dedicated faculty engage students in mentored projects, guided internships, and undergraduate research projects, to name a few, that link theory to practical real-world applications. The focus on real-world readiness extends to a wide range of activities beyond the classroom. Pitt-Johnstown, through its dedicated staff, offers a unique collegiate experience in its signature Real World Action Program, which actively supports career and professional development as well as campus, community and global engagement. In sum, the Pitt-Johnstown experience is designed to prepare you to succeed in a competitive marketplace, to find fulfillment in your career of choice, and to make a meaningful contribution to our world.

Combining traditional arts and sciences education with professional programs, the Pitt-Johnstown Experience is purposefully and actively connected to the practical realities of the real world beginning with our city, our community and beyond. Students have the opportunity to combine theoretical knowledge with rigorous professional and practice-oriented programs, linking classroom instruction with the exciting and sometimes vexing realities of our world. Talented, enthusiastic, and caring professors challenge, motivate, and engage students as they hone various real-world-required skills including critical thinking, writing, and advanced problem-solving. Working closely with faculty, students immerse themselves in scholarship and creative activity that will illuminate their minds, transform their lives, and ready them for success in the real world – the rapidly changing and hyper-competitive 21st-century global economy.

One of the best things about Pitt-Johnstown is that it is a place where people build life-long connections with each other as they live, learn, work, and play together. The Pitt-Johnstown Experience is greatly enriched by myriad opportunities for personal development, including study abroad, internships, civic engagement, volunteering, athletics, and leadership activities in more than 90 student organizations. These experiences, facilitated by a caring staff and faculty, enrich the personal and professional lives of our students as they prepare to engage the real world beyond the college campus.

So welcome and I wish you well as you explore Pitt-Johnstown. I hope that in the course of your visit you will discover why we are thrilled to shout out, “Mountain Cat Proud!”


Jem Spectar