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Students enrolled in Pitt-Johnstown's computer science program benefit from a full range of courses in both theory and application, with emphasis on programming languages, software design and engineering, and systems programming. The program provides students with the distinct advantage of gaining real-world experience by working in sophisticated computing facilities and completing internships at organizations in a variety of industries. 

Faculty in the department work closely with students to explore specific interests through mentored projects, internships, and other real-world experiences. All faculty members have advanced degrees from globally respected universities and a variety of interests that provide students with a solid education and an exciting range of opportunities. 

The computer science degree offers two tracks: standard computer science, and applied computer science. Graduates enjoy successful and rewarding careers solving problems, creating new technologies, conducting research, and finding innovative ways to apply computer technologies.

Computer science students have access to information technology resources including PittNet (the University computer systems network).

The department maintains its own special-purpose computing facilities, including servers and printers, in the Computing Laboratory in 214 Blackington Hall. 

Standard Computer Science 

The standard track in computer science emphasizes structure, analysis, design, programming, general software engineering principles and mathematics.

Additionally, the program provides a solid foundation in applications programming, web programming, database administration, information assurance, networking, architecture, and evolving technologies. This blend of computing prepares students for mathematically technical jobs such as working with missile guidance systems, simulators, mission-critical systems, and cryptography.

Graduates from the program enjoy successful careers as computer programmers, applications programmers, software engineers, information assurance specialists, network engineers, and database designers/developers.  

Industries hiring Pitt-Johnstown graduates include automobile manufacturers, chemical companies, banking and finance, government agencies, utility companies, aircraft manufacturers, software development companies, and defense contractors.

Applied Computer Science

The applied computer science track in computer science emphasizes software engineering, database engineering and administration, information assurance, web design and development, networking security, and applications programming.

The program specializes in both the breadth and deep core of computing concepts without an advanced mathematics emphasis. 

Graduates from the program develop a solid understanding of both computer science theory and applications, and enjoy successful careers in  software engineering, database design and administration, information assurance, web design and development, networking, security, and applications programming.  

Industries hiring Pitt-Johnstown graduates include automobile manufacturers, banking and finance, multimedia, healthcare, software development, and defense contractors.  

First-Year Schedule

A sample of the likely first-year schedule for students in Pitt-Johnstown’s computer science or mathematics major.

Fall Term

  • Freshman Writing Seminar
  • Discreet Math Structures I
  • Algebra and Trigonometry
  • Perspectives in Computer Science
  • Public Speaking

Spring Term

  • Freshman Writing II
  • Analytic Geometry and Calculus I
  • Discreet Math Structures II
  • Intro to CS Programming
  • Intro to CS Programming Application

Please note that courses and course titles are subject to change.

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