University of Pittsburgh-Johnstown

Academic Clubs

Accounting and Finance Interest Group

The purpose of this club is to:

  • increase awareness of professional and career developments in accounting
  • promote interactions among accounting and business economics faculty and students
  • provide free tax service to the elderly

VITA (Volunteer Income Tax Assistance) provides tutorial services to students pursuing the study of accounting.

Alpha Kappa Psi (Business Fraternity)

This organization focuses on the skills of the members' academic major and also plans social functions.

Membership is restricted to full-time students working toward a business degree. 

Activities include:

  • career fair
  • fundraisers
  • guest speakers
  • professional trips
  • service projects
  • various other professional and social activities
Amateur Robotics and Electronics Coalition (AREC)

AREC (Amateur Robotics and Electronics Coalition) is Pitt-Johnstown's club for robotics.

The focus is on learning about robot mechanics and coding as well as soldering, wiring, electrical circuits, and more!

For the 2018-19 school year, AREC will apply that knowledge toward building and competing in VEX U Robotics tournaments.


American Society of Civil Engineers

The purpose of ASCE is to:

  • acquaint members with new ideas and developments in the civil engineering field
  • establish activities for the members and for the entire college community to promote better understanding of the civil engineering profession
  • promote student interest in civil engineering and related fields
  • provide A.S.C.E. Club services to undergraduate students enrolled in the civil engineering curriculum
American Society of Mechanical Engineers

The purpose of A.S.M.E. is to:

  • acquaint members with new ideas and developments in the mechanical engineering field through co-curricular projects
  • establish activities for the members and for the entire college community to promote better understanding of the mechanical engineering profession
  • provide A.S.M.E services to undergraduate students enrolled in the mechanical engineering field
  • stimulate interest in mechanical engineering and its related fields
Baja Team

The Baja Team is a group of undergraduate students that attend the University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown.

There are 60 members in the club consisting primarily of mechanical engineering students. The Baja Team designs and builds off-road vehicle to compete in Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) Mini BAJA Collegiate Design competitions each year.


Contact: 215 Engineering & Science Bldg, Division of Mechanical Engineering

The Business Club

The Business Club was formerly the Marketing and Management Association, and our goal is to serve as the club for the Division of Business and Enterprise, create and strengthen a community of business students, assist business students with career development, and promote the development and acquisition of resources for the business program. 


We also will be participating in a ChemE car competition.

Chemical Society

This organization is a student-affiliated chapter of the American Chemical Society. 

The purpose of this Chapter is to promote the exploration in the many fields of chemistry through guest speakers, tutoring services, field trips, and outreach.  Our goal is to help the university and the community better understand how chemistry plays a role in everyday life.

American Chemical Society »

Justice and Administration and Criminology Club

The club ensures that all major reqiurements are bing met for graduation and promotes the Justice Administration and Criminology major throughout the university.


This organization provides a social outlet for students with a common interest in education.

Activities include:

  • dinners
  • educationally oriented programs
  • fundraisers
  • picnics
  • service projects
English Education

The English Education Club is designed to stimulate and promote interest in Secondary English Education. Our club broadens members' knowledge about English pedagogy in the classroom and acquaints the members with new ideas and developments in the English literature and English education departments. 

Some activities we involve ourselves in are conferences and other means in which we promote a better understanding of English education. 

We accept all full-time undergraduate students with declared majors in English Education and other English majors (literature, writing). Part-time members may be offered an associate membership. 

Geography and Environmental Studies Club

The goal of the Geography Club at the University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown is to advance the status of geography as a scholarly and practical discipline for study and investigation.

Some of the events include sponsoring the "Geography Awareness Week" every November, taking part in Homecoming events, visiting geography departments in near-by colleges, hosting the "Geographer's Reunion" gathering, and sponsoring the GTU induction of selected members to this prestigious international honorary geographical society. In April, a ceremony is held to honor selected members and to present the "K-Award" to the outstanding geography major of the year.

The Geography Club at Pitt-Johnstown was started by Dr. William Kory in 1971 and has functioned continuously since that time. The members elect officers and the club holds regular meetings during the school year.

The Club also promotes Geography on campus so other students can learn more about the field and what professional opportunities exist for Geography graduates, and provides a forum for discussion about graduate schools and internships. The Geography Club provides a connection between past and current Geography students. The Club invites members of the community to discuss how geographic knowledge can be applied in the workplace. The Club also performs service duties to the local community.

Geology Club

This club encourages and fosters a scholarly interest in and about the earth through outdoor activities related to the subject of Geology. Activities include field trips and guest speakers.

History Club


Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers

The primary objective of I.E.E.E. is the advancement of the theory and practice of electrical engineering, electronics, radio, allied branches of engineering and of the related arts and sciences.

Psychology Club

An organization of students interested in the field of psychology. Its main purpose is to supplement the classroom experience of the Psychology Department and to be a channel for communication between the faculty and the students. Activities include guest speakers.

Society of Women Engineers

The affiliate of the National Society of Women Engineers, S.W.E. was organized to address the concerns of undergraduate women students in the engineering technology curricula.

Spanish Club

The Spanish Club is focused on exposing students to Hispanic culture, and providing students with an environment to practice a foreign language.

Student Nurses Association of Pennsylvania

UPJ Student Pennsylvania State Education Association

​The UPJ/SPSEA promotes quality education from kindergarten to higher learning by advocating for all levels of education in Pennsylvania. Advisors: Mark Previte, EdD, 814-269-7016; Doug Ledney, 814-269-7013