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What’s Next for Incoming Undeclared Students

Your Status is Undeclared — but You Choose to be Exploratory

Pitt-Johnstown offers more than 40 different majors; however, most incoming students can name only a small handful. As an Undeclared student, you enhance your flexibility to explore different majors and career opportunities by taking various courses to determine interests and aptitudes for a program.  Your Undeclared advisor will help you explore majors and careers and choose classes that represent broader disciplines. Ideally, your eventual choice of major will match your talents, passions, and aspirations.

While your academic advisor will help guide you, it is up to you to take charge of the exploration process. You are allowing yourself the time to make an informed decision, so be sure to take advantage of it.

What’s Next for Incoming Undeclared Students?

Take your Placement Assessment

The on-line Mathematics Placement Assessment (ALEKS Placement, Preparation, and Learning) assists in preparing an appropriate class schedule and may satisfy the prerequisites of certain math classes.

  • By taking the Mathematics Placement Assessment, your academic advisor will be able to place you into the most appropriate math course for your skills.  For undeclared students interested in majors that require higher-level math courses, placing into a higher-level math course will allow greater flexibility in class scheduling and staying on track for graduation. 
  • Without the Mathematics Placement Assessment, you will be enrolled in MATH 0001 – Algebra 1.  If you wish to enroll in MATH 0001 and do not plan to take the math placement assessment, please email us at
  • If interested in taking a chemistry course, the ALEKS Placement Assessment also determines which chemistry course you will be placed into.
  • The cost for the exam is $25 for up to three attempts at the ALEKS assessment.  However, the benefit of testing above MATH 0001 (and other possible math or chemistry courses) greatly outweighs this cost.
  • Advanced Placement (AP) credits, College-in-High-School credits (equivalent to Pitt-Johnstown courses), and applicable transfer credits can take precedent over placement scores, but only after the credits are recorded at Pitt-Johnstown.

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Complete the Scheduling and Advising Module

To help Pitt-Johnstown create your fall schedule, all incoming freshman are required to complete our Scheduling and Advising Assistant. In the modules, you have the opportunity to tell us a bit about yourself and to indicate classes you are interested in taking this fall.  You also can let us know if you are interested in certain majors.

The module will be available to those students who submitted their $100 tuition deposit. To access the module profile, please visit Campus Services.

Please use your Pitt email account and password to access the system, and then look for the “Student Advising Module.” From there, you can follow the online instructions to complete the module.

Fall course schedules are built in the order we receive both your module feedback and your math placement results.  If you wish to start in MATH 0001, email us at, and you do not need to take the placement assessment.

Receive Credit for Transfer Credit, College-in-High-School, and AP Tests

You will want to receive credit for all transfer credits, college in high school credits, and AP Exams as soon as possible so that those credits are reflected in your fall schedule at Pitt-Johnstown.   

For college courses, contact the college that offered the courses and request that a transcript be sent to our Registrar’s office.  For AP test credits, ask that your AP Exam scores be sent to our Registrar’s office. If you took advantage of a College-In-High-School program through any Pitt campus, you do not have to request a transcript because it will automatically show up on your Pitt record.

Office of the Registrar
279 Blackington Hall
University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown
450 Schoolhouse Rd.
Johnstown, PA 15904


Fax: 814-269-7068

Learn more about college courses and the equivalent credits »

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Attend an Academic Planning Day

The 2021 Virtual Academic Planning Days will provide an opportunity for you to learn more about being Undeclared at Pitt-Johnstown.  You will also receive important information regarding your schedule of classes for the upcoming semester.  Please watch your Pitt email for instructions on how to register for Academic Planning Days.  We will be presenting at all three Academic Planning Days so as an Undeclared student you can choose the date that works best for you.

Following the Virtual Academic Planning Days, you will be invited to meet with an academic advisor to review your fall schedule.  Additional information to follow.  Please check your Pitt e-mail regularly for information.  If you have questions about the Academic Planning Days please contact or call us at 1-855-LIKE-UPJ.

Admitted Students Checklist

Check out the Admission's What's Next page for additional to-do list items for incoming students.  This will include information on housing, orientation, move-in, and more!

Undeclared Student Feature ► Reagan, Class of 2022

Career Planning and Exploration course - INDIST 0004

This course helped me become more aware of my personal strengths. It also helped me transition from high school to college.

During your first semester, you will take the Career Exploration and Planning course (INDIST 0004) with your academic advisor.  This 1-credit course encourages students to identify and explore their academic and career options.  Additionally, you will learn the general education and major requirements for the majors of interest to you.  Each section of the course is co-taught by a Mentor for Academic and Personal Success (MAPS).  Many of our MAPS are leaders on campus who can relate to the experience of being Undeclared. Reagan from the video above is one of our current MAPS.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does a typical schedule look like for incoming students?

There is no one-size-fits-all schedule for Undeclared students.  Instead, we work to balance your interests with the general education requirements that are required for all students.  One of the academic advisors will build your schedule based on your placement test scores and your Scheduling and Advising Module (see above for how to complete).  Following the Academic Planning Days, you will meet with your academic advisor to review your fall schedule.

What if I applied to a specific program, and was accepted as Undeclared?

If you applied to the Nursing program or Engineering program and were instead accepted as Undeclared, you are not alone!  We will work with you to build a schedule that reflects your interest in these fields while exploring additional options the university has to offer.

Some students are accepted as Undeclared pending the results of their placement assessment.  If you are one of those students, please see the directions above to take the placement exam.

If your interests have changed from these programs, please let our office know so that we can build you a fall schedule that better matches your interests.

Can I start out Undeclared and still graduate with my class in four years?

Absolutely!  Starting as Undeclared allows students the time and space to explore a variety of major options while also completing many of the general education requirements.  Beginning your college career as an Undeclared/Exploratory major allows you to stay on track for graduation by completing courses that are necessary for a variety of majors.  One of the benefits of starting Undeclared is that you will become an expert at understanding the general education requirements.

Meet Leanna Noon, class of 2011. She started as Undeclared and was able to graduate in 3 years with her communications degree!

What are the advantages of starting as an Undeclared major?

There are countless advantages to starting your college career at Pitt-Johnstown as an Undeclared major.

  1. You will have the opportunity to explore various majors and prospective careers.
  2. You will complete your General Education Requirements, progress through your college curriculum in a timely manner, and stay on track for graduation in 4 years.
  3. You will become an expert at understanding the general education requirements and the scheduling/course registration process.
  4. You will connect with our upper-class peer mentors (MAPS) so you can learn the ins and outs of being a college student at Pitt-Johnstown.
  5. You will build a close relationship with your advisor through your participation in INDIST 0004, the 1-credit Career Planning and Exploration course, as well as one-on-one advising meetings each semester.

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For more information about Undeclared Advising, visit the Undeclared Academic Advising page.