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Healthcare Management and Supervision

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This unique degree program at the University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown allows graduates from associate degree (or equivalent) health care programs or accredited hospital-based programs for health professions (with acceptable academic credits) to prepare for positions as supervisors/administrators or educators within the Healthcare field.

Program Requirements

In order to complete the requirements for the Bachelor of Science in Healthcare Management and Supervision, the following criteria must be met:

  • Candidates for this program must have graduated with a minimum QPA of 2.25 (based on a 4.0 grading system) from their professional program.
  • All general education requirements must be completed.
  • The student's previous Healthcare professional curriculum must be evaluated.
  • Up to 48 pre-professional/technical credits can be awarded. If less than 48 credits are awarded, the students must make up the additional credits in consultation with their advisor.


Application must be made through the Office of Advanced and Continuing Education, 157 Blackington Hall, 814-269-7074. 

General Education Requirements

A. English Composition (ENGCMP 0003 or 0005)
B. English Composition (ENGCMP 0004 or 0006)
C. Public Speaking (COMMRC 0052)
D. Basic Algebra (Math 0001) or Placement Test
E. Quantitative Reasoning course (from an approved list)

Worlds of Knowledge Elective Requirements 

Each student must take two (2) courses in each of the Worlds listed below. The eight (8) courses taken in the Worlds must represent 8 different Subjects.  A student must also take two additional Follow-Up courses in any World.

  • World of Aesthetic and Creative Expression
  • World of Global History and Culture
  • Societies and Civics
  • Science and Nature
  • Follow-Up Courses

The minimum number of courses taken in the Worlds must be ten (10).
The Follow-Up courses may repeat a subject previously taken in a World.
A student cannot use a major required subject course in one of the Worlds (for example, a Biology student cannot use BIOL 0110 to fulfill a requirement in the World of Science and Nature.
Students cannot use a course to count both in their Quantitative Reasoning requirement and one of the Worlds.
Students can choose QR and Worlds of Knowledge courses from published course lists.

Required Courses to the Bachelor of Science in Healthcare Management and Supervision program:

  • Introduction to Information Systems, IS 0400 - 3 credits
  • Principles of Management, MGMT 0500 -3 credits
  • Human Resources Management, MGMT 1510 - 3 credits
  • Organizational Behavior, MGMT1520 - 3 credits
  • Healthcare Management, HLTHCR 1054 - 3 credits
  • Healthcare Internship, HLTHCR 1095 - 3 credits
  • Legal Aspects of Healthcare, HLTHCR 1119 - 3 credits
  • Nursing Informatics, NUR 0086 - 2 credits
    Requirement Satisfied - 23 credits
    Quantitative Reasoning (QR) - 1 course
    EDPSY 1121 NUR 0088 or STAT 1020 may be double-counted for the Major Required Statistics Course - 3 credits