University of Pittsburgh-Johnstown


Steps to Enrollment

Step 1: Clear Holds

Some holds or service indicators could restrict your ability to enroll such as holds placed by the Office of the University Registrar, University Collections, Student Payment Center, or Office of International Services.

Academic Advising Holds (ADV) are automatically placed by the Office of the University Registrar each term for students and must be lifted by a student's advisor or departmental administrator before enrollment can take place.  Contact your advisor or departmental administrator directly for assistance with advising hold removals.  Graduate students may not have advising holds.

Step 2: Class Search

Use the Class Search function to view course descriptions, course requisites, and seat availability.

To view current course descriptions or for public access to the Pitt-Johnstown class offerings, use PS Mobile.

  • Access Student Center 
  • Select Main Menu > Self-Service > Class Search/Browse Catalog > Class Search
  • Required search criteria: term, campus
  • When you are ready to begin enrolling in courses you found by using Class Search, see Step 4: Shopping Cart. 

Step 3: Enrollment Tools

These enrollment tools are optional to use in the course scheduling process, but serve as ways to assist you in planning your degree and creating a class schedule:

Schedule Planner can be used to help you create your schedule using specifications that you choose.  Add courses to your shopping cart or through Schedule Planner, and have the tool generate possible class schedules, doing the work for you!

  • Access Schedule Planner through your Student Center, selecting the Schedule Planner link or through the "Enroll" and "Add" tabs.
  • You also have the ability to enroll right from schedule planner!  Build your schedule, add your courses to your shopping cart, and register for those courses all in one place!

Step 4: Shopping Cart

Store classes you wish to take in your Enrollment Shopping Cart until it is time for your enrollment appointment.

  • In searching for classes, you have the ability to add courses to your shopping cart into which you wish to enroll.
  • Search for the course by accessing Student Center, selecting the "Enroll" tab or menu item, and selecting the yellow "Class Search" button on the "Add classes" page.
  • Perform your search
  • After search results are generated, click the "Select" button next to a class section to add it to your shopping cart.
  • Shopping Cart Validation is a PeopleSoft feature that allows you to easily prepare for your enrollment and advising appointments.

All you need to do is add prospective classes into your shopping cart in your Student Center. Once you have a potential schedule built, simply select the classes and click the "validate" button. It will bring you to a screen that shows any potential problems with your selections, such as time conflicts or unmet pre-requisites. Because this feature is meant to be used before your enrollment date, it may not accurately show you if a class will open or closed when you are eligible to register for classes.

This feature allows you to make adjustments to your course selections before you meet with your advisor, allowing you to spend that appointment more efficiently.

PLEASE NOTE: The Validate button will NOT enroll you in classes. You must still complete the enrollment process (step 5) when your enrollment appointment date and time arrives.

Step 5: Enroll

Once your courses are in your shopping cart and you've reached your enrollment appointment, you will be able to enroll.  To find your enrollment appointment, access your Student Center.  Enrollment can be processed through PeopleSoft or through Schedule Planner.

Click the "Proceed to Step 2 of 3" button, read and agree to the terms in the Promissory Note, and see your enrollment results.