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Student Grades

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Students can access their grades in their PeopleSoft Student Center via the portal. 

  • Student Center > Self Service > Student Center> Other Academic drop down box > Grades

Missing Grades

If a current class appears on your transcript or through your Student Center, without a grade, this can be the result of two separate issues:

  • The electronic Grade Roster has not been graded or posted, please check with your instructor for an approximate date of the grade posting.
  • A late registration into the class, which has resulted in a grade not yet issued. Follow-up with your instructor until the grade appears.

Course Repeats

Consult the Registrar's Office for the proper procedure of repeating a class and for information on how this will affect your grades and the calculation of your Grade Point Average (GPA). When you repeat a class, you must officially enroll and pay for the class again. University Policy 09-01-09 prohibits any student from attending a class without being officially enrolled for that class. A repeated course, has a notation appearing underneath the previous course taken designating that it is excluded from the GPA. The original course and grade will always remain on your record/transcript.

Grading System

Grading System Chart

Grade Option

Within the policy of the individual academic units, faculty may decide to offer a course under one of the following available course grade options:

LG - Letter Grade
H/S/U - Honors/Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory
S/NC - Satisfactory/No Credit
LG and H/S/U - Letter Grade and Honors/Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory
LG and S/NC - Letter Grade and Satisfactory/No Credit
H/HS/S/LS/U - Honors/High Satisfactory/Satisfactory/Low Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory (School of Medicine only)
S/U - Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory (School of Medicine only)

A student may choose any of the grading options available for the course offered. A student may audit any course with the permission of the instructor and the academic center offering the course.