University of Pittsburgh-Johnstown

Alumni Association Board

Executive Committee

John Wozniak ‘78, Co-President
J. Matthew Sernell ‘06, Co-President
Ernest Mantini, Vice-President
Gladys Go, Treasurer
Douglas A. Ledney ’87, Secretary
Jeff Martinelli, At Large Member

Board Members

John Bandzuh
Kim Dorchak
Tessa Fry
Jeff Kubay ‘92
Linda Mantini
Bernard Martin
Sarah Matatall '06
Beth Miller
Alissa Mincek
Joseph Jeffrey Sernell, '78
Rachel Sernell, '08
James Sestrich
Edward Sheets '12
Mark Stephens

Ex-Officio Members
Gladys K. Go '92, Past President

Board Resources

Consider a Position on the Alumni Association Board of Directors

Are you looking for ways to support your alma mater? Consider serving on the Alumni Association's leadership team. If you're enthusiastic, have lots of great ideas to share, and are willing to roll up your sleeves and help make a difference, please consider applying for one of the open slots.