University of Pittsburgh-Johnstown

Student Arrival Information

Moving to college for the  first time is an exciting moment in your life!  It means you're starting on one of the most transformational and exciting journeys of your life as you transition to adulthood and prepare to enter the real world.  We want that first-time arrival on campus to go as smoothly as possible. 

What to bring?

Two of the most commonly asked questions are,  "What should I bring?" and "What should I not bring?"  We have compiled a list of what to bring and not to bring to campus here.  We also encourage you to contact your roommate(s) to find out what they plan to bring so you don't end up with two Keurigs or two TVs. 

How and when do I arrive?

There are some differences between arriving in the fall and arriving in the winter.  So, here is information for each specific term::