University of Pittsburgh-Johnstown

Wedding Ceremony

We are pleased that you are considering being married at the J. Irving Whalley Memorial Chapel on the picturesque campus of the University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown.

Considerations when planning your wedding ceremony:

  • Eligibility The use of the Whalley Chapel for a wedding ceremony is available to those with a Pitt affiliation. The bride or groom or at least one of their parents or grandparents must be a graduate, current full-time student or employee of the University of Pittsburgh.
  • Authorized Ceremony The marriage must be recognized as valid in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Selection of the officiant is the responsibility of the couple. Because the chapel is nondenominational, clergy of all denominations are welcome.
  • Reserving the Chapel To determine the availability of the Chapel for a desired wedding date, contact the Conference Center at 1-800-875-5958 or 814-269-1900. Please note that reservations are on a first-come, first-served basis. Your reservation includes  five hours the day of the ceremony and two hours the night before for a rehearsal.
    *Note: If you are planning a Catholic ceremony, access Pitt-Johnstown’s Catholic Campus Ministry information.
  • Any changes in your rehearsal or wedding times must have prior approval of the Conference Center.
  • Payment The rental fee is $300 to be paid in full at the time of the reservation. Once a satisfactory date/time is determined, the Reservation Form and full payment must be submitted. Checks and money orders may be made payable to the University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown.


  • Pitt-Johnstown will refund $150 of the chapel fee if the reservation is cancelled within ninety (90) days of the scheduled ceremony date. Cancellation must be in writing from either the bride or groom.
    • Music/Sound System It is the responsibility of the couple to provide musicians/music. The Chapel is equipped with an organ, electric piano, and the capability to play pre-recorded music. Either one CD or one cassette tape may be played. To ensure the quality of the sound, we cannot switch between CDs/cassettes or from CD to cassette during the ceremony. All audio arrangements must be coordinated with the Conference Center prior to the rehearsal and ceremony. A Pitt-Johnstown staff member will be at the chapel with you the night of the rehearsal and the day of the ceremony to assist with these arrangements. If your musician(s) wish to practice prior to the wedding, they should contact the Conference Center to arrange a time during the normal hours of operation (Monday-Thursday 7 a.m.-9 p.m., Friday 7 a.m.-5 p.m.)
    • Additional Guidelines On the basis of past experience, these are designed to help make your special day a complete success:
      1) No rice or birdseed may be thrown due to liability. No balloons may be released due to environmental concerns.
      2) Pew markers must be either tied or fastened with rubber bands. Absolutely no pins, tacks, or tape (including florists’ tape) are allowed.
      3) The Final Information Form must be sent in at least than three weeks before the wedding date.
      4) No food or drink, including alcoholic beverages, are allowed in the Chapel at any time during the rehearsal or wedding.  
      5) Smoking is prohibited inside the Chapel.
      6) Use candles at your own discretion. If burns or wax appear, Pitt-Johnstown reserves the right to bill for carpet cleaning or repair.
      7) Children must be supervised at all times throughout the rehearsal, wedding, and picture-taking.
      8) Pitt-Johnstown does not supply or rent decorations of any kind.
      9) We recommend that photography guidelines be set in consultation with your officiant.
      10) Gratuities are unnecessary. Services rendered by the Pitt-Johnstown staff are part of their normal duties as a University employee. A contribution to the Chapel is always welcome and can be made at the discretion of the wedding party.
      11) Immediately following the ceremony, all personal property must be removed from the Chapel premises. The University is not responsible for lost items.
    • Chapel Diagram
  • Download the Wedding Ceremony Guide