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Degree Programs

The University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown offers Bachelor of Science degrees in engineering and computer science. 

Pitt-Johnstown graduates have a greater-than-90% employment rate within three months of graduation and are aggressively recruited by engineering firms. 

Degree Information

The University of Pittsburgh at Pitt-Johnstown offers Bachelor of Science in Engineering degrees in: 

  • Chemical Engineering (ChE)
    prepares students for the chemical and petroleum industry through instruction in advanced chemistry, process control, and system dynamics.
  • Civil Engineering (CE)
    provides a full range of instruction  including construction materials and management, geotechnical, transportation, environmental and structural engineering, and infrastructure design 
  • Computer Engineering (CPE)
    prepares students for careers as computer professionals, emphasizing both the hardware and software aspects of computer engineering.​
  • Computer Science 
    offers a full range of courses in both theory and application, with emphasis on programming languages, software design and engineering, and systems programming.
  • Electrical Engineering (EE)
    prepares students for careers in production design and manufacturing, systems integration, plant operations, field support and engineering sales. Power systems are the hallmark of the program, emphasizing all phases of power generation and distribution.
  • Mechanical Engineering (ME)
    focuses on thermal-fluid science and solid mechanics and the design of systems. Manufacturing is covered in depth as an area of specialty.

    All engineering programs are fully accredited by the Engineering Accreditation Commission of ABET.
  • Pitt-Johnstown graduates are aggressively recruited by many engineering firms, and have a greater-than-90% employment rate within three months of graduation. 
  • Excellent performance on the Fundamentals of Engineering Exam.
  • An engineering faculty with real-world experience in their respective fields.

These engineering degrees will prepare graduates to function as professionals in their chosen fields.

The instruction will focus on the theoretical aspects of engineering and the practical application of that theory.

In every case, the programs are academically rigorous and reflect the best practices in engineering science and design.

The highly qualified faculty bring real-world, practical experience into the classroom and give Pitt-Johnstown students an exceptional, high-quality experience in engineering.

Division of Engineering and Computer Science:

Engineering Division Office
200 Engineering & Science Building 
Fax: 814-269-7245

Tanya Kunberger, PhD, PE
Division Chair 

814-269-7244  |

Gina M. Thompson
814-269-7250  |

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