University of Pittsburgh-Johnstown

Pitt-Johnstown Parents' Guide: Support

You’ve spent nearly two decades watching out for your child. And while you will continue to do so, we at the University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown would like to help.

At the same time, we want to encourage our students to become independent and mature adults able to function in society and on their own. It’s a fine line to walk. Finding the proper balance of support and freedom is a challenge. Our job is made easier when students are able to ask for help when needed.

Personal Issues, Concerns

It is staffed with counseling professionals, and provides free and confidential services. These professionals understand the special needs of college students. The Counseling Center can assist students with homesickness, stress, personal and relationship problems, and even concerns about home.

The office offers individual and group counseling, as well as convenient workshops on a variety of topics, from eating disorders to how-to courses for those who want to quit smoking.

Lost In the Shuffle?

It shouldn't happen. Pitt-Johnstown is small enough that no one becomes “just a number.” Class sizes are small, and faculty members advise a small number of students. Freshman Residence Halls are comfortable, and Resident Assistants have a limited number of students living on their wing. All campus offices are accessible and staffed with professionals willing to answer any question.

Our smaller size allows us to look at each student as an individual and to consider his or her unique needs. A student would have to try very hard to get “lost.”


Let's face it, nothing takes the place of homecooking. But our Dining Services staff comes pretty close!

Our dining halls offer several menu options at every meal, including a vegetarian entree. In addition to a nutritionally complete main course, side options include a salad bar, cereal bar, ice cream bar, breads and soups, a deli lane, pasta options, pizza, and regular or veggie burgers. The Food Services staff strives to provide a well-balanced meal that accommodates everyone’s tastes.

Aside from the dining halls, there are several other eatery options on campus. The “Tuck Shop”operates as a food court and offers a Freshens, Subway, Salsa Rico and Grill 155. The Mt. Cat Club is another alternative. The Mt. Cat Club is a sit-down, restaurant-style facility that offers unique dishes and atmosphere. It’s a nice change of pace from the dining halls. Also located in the Student Union is Brioche Dorée offering a wide variety of coffees, salads, soups and pastries. Last but not least, don’t forget the convenience store located in the Student Union.

Meal Plan information will be sent to you during the month of May, and will outline all of these options in greater detail.

In Case of Illness

If a student has the flu or a cold, the Health Services Office can offer assistance. Health Services provides basic services to students, such as over-the-counter medications, physical exams, and general health maintenance. The office is open during regular business hours. If a student becomes ill after these hours,

Campus Police and/or Housing Office staff members are trained to help the student if immediate attention is required. Policies and procedures are already in place in case of illness or emergency. Campus Police will also provide transportation if necessary.