University of Pittsburgh-Johnstown

Firearms and Weapons

Privilege of Storage

Possession of firearms or other weapons in University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown housing or on University premises is strictly prohibited. Included in the definition of firearms and weapons are: ammunition, bows and arrows, pellet/BB guns, paint ball guns, knives, sling shots, tasers, nunchucks, and any item described as being an “offensive weapon” under the Pennsylvania Crimes Code.

Given the popularity of hunting, in the Johnstown area, various club activities, and other lawful purposes, arrangements have been made for storage of firearms/weapons in the Campus Police Office. Any student desiring this service can make appropriate arrangements by contacting Campus Police and following the procedures outlined below. The storage of firearms/weapons with Campus Police is a service and privilege. Failure to return them to Campus Police immediately upon return to campus will result in revocation of this privilege. In addition, game animals killed while on hunting trips may not be brought back to campus.

Firing a weapon or igniting dangerous explosives on campus will result in the following:

  • Charges will be filed through the University Student Judicial System
  • Criminal charges will be filed through the Campus Police with the local magistrate
  • An interim suspension of student status, pending a hearing, may be involved

Procedures for Storage by Campus Police

  • Student must provide a Pennsylvania State Police Criminal History Record background clearance form.
  • If the firearm is carried as a concealed weapon, the student must possess a Pennsylvania License to Carry Firearms Permit.
  • Student agrees that the weapon will be removed from campus immediately upon check-out and returned immediately upon the student's return to campus.
  • While on campus, the weapon shall remain unloaded and locked with an appropriate locking device; ammunition shall be transported in a container separate from the weapon.  The weapon should be secured in an appropriate travel/carry case.  Note:  The University is not responsible for damages that may occur during storage.
  • Student will comply with all state and federal weapons laws.
  • Record of the storage will be destroyed when the student is no longer enrolled at the University.