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In the real world, all students graduating from Pitt-Johnstown will be involved with an organization, a business, or an institution. Society's diverse organizations need people in management and leadership positions who plan, organize, lead, and control their business’ best interests in order to generate profit or growth.

Pitt-Johnstown prepares students to be the quality managers and leaders in concentrations of General Management, Healthcare Management, and Human Resources Management. 

Pitt-Johnstown students have the freedom to diversify their educational progress across a path of functional areas, including marketing, accounting, finance, and management information systems. They may also develop a more directed selection of studies in the field of human resources management.

All students complete introductory coursework in the functional areas of business to include: principles of management, principles of marketing, principles of accounting, principles of finance and business information systems. The required upper-level coursework includes a course in organizational behavior and human resources management.

The operations and supply chain management course provides understanding of important system relationships involving design, operations, control (analytics), and ongoing improvement necessary for an organization to create and deliver their products and services. The student gains an understanding of leadership concepts and actions within the legal, ethical, and socially responsible environment of business in the leadership in business and society capstone management course. 

Pitt-Johnstown's comprehensive human resources management curriculum includes the following four available elective courses: recruitment, selection, retention, and separation, employment law and negotiation, compensation - benefits and performance management, and the option for a hands-on human resource management internship.

Minor in Management Requirements