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Pre-Pharmacy at Pitt-Johnstown

Pharmacists play a key role in helping patients feel better and are an invaluable part of the health care system. While pharmacists are commonly associated with the health care system, they can also have careers in research, government, pharmaceutical producing industries, and technology and informatics fields. The pre-pharmacy program at Pitt-Johnstown teaches students the chemistry, biology, mathematics, and other courses needed to prepare them for successful admission into Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD) programs. The chemistry faculty serve as academic advisors to pre-pharmacy students and work with them throughout the process. Pharmacy students typically follow a 2+4 program, where students attend two years of pre-pharmacy courses at UPJ, then attend four years of PharmD graduate school and earn their PharmD degree in only six years. Students may choose to complete the pre-pharmacy program at Pitt-Johnstown and apply for admission to the Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD) program at the University of Pittsburgh as well as other pharmacy schools in Pennsylvania and surrounding states. Over 95% of our pre-pharmacy students that apply are accepted into a PharmD program.


Guaranteed Admissions into Pitt School of Pharmacy

Eligible students who are accepted into Pitt-Johnstown as a first-year student will have guaranteed admission to the Doctor of Pharmacy program at the University of Pittsburgh's School of Pharmacy. Your reserved seat is contingent upon the following requirements:

  • Upon applying to Pitt-Johnstown, you must select “Pharmacy” in the Guaranteed Admissions Program dropdown box on the Application for Undergraduate Admissions.
  • Successful completion of the pre-professional pharmacy curriculum, including:
    • A letter grade of a C or better in all pre-professional courses with no repeated courses
    • A 3.25 or greater overall GPA in the pre-professional courses
    • A 3.25 or greater GPA in the required Math and Science courses
    • Submit a completed PharmCAS application
    • Participate in a satisfactory interview prior to School of Pharmacy admission

To learn more visit Pitt-Johnstown's Guaranteed Admissions Programs (GAP) website or contact our Admissions Welcome Center. Students who attend Pitt's Doctor of Pharmacy program are also eligible to earn a Bachelor's of Science in Pharmaceutical Sciences (BSPS) degree, along with their PharmD degree.


Course Requirements

The required pre-pharmacy courses will vary from one school to another. Courses frequently required include: anatomy, physiology, microbiology, a full year of calculus, physics, general biology, general chemistry and organic chemistry, calculus, economics, psychology, statistics, public speaking, English composition, and 12 to 18 credits of electives in the humanities and social sciences. 

Be sure to check with your preferred school about its particular admission requirements.


Student Focused Learning

Pre-pharmacy students are advised within the Chemistry and Biochemistry department, which offer small class sizes and a low student-to-faculty ratio which allow direct interactions between students and professors that enables students to gain hands-on experience with analytical methods, organic and inorganic synthesis, biochemical methods, and state-of-the-art instrumentation. Faculty are dedicated to ensuring that students are progressing toward their career goals through quality advising, mentoring, and research experiences. Many of our students participate in internships at local and national institutions. Because of highly trained and versatile faculty, multiple faculty-mentored research projects are available in a variety of disciplines. Students, as early as freshman, participating in research have been published in professional journals and have presented at local and national conferences. These opportunities help prepare students through real world experiences and by creating competitive resumes. Students can also join the Chemistry Society Club,  where they can meet other students and participate in monthly events such as movie nights, bowling, trivia, community outreach and service activities, and professional development events.


Contact Us

If you would like to learn more about our program, you can request information through the Admissions Office or contact the Pre-Pharmacy program coordinator directly:

Manisha Nigam, PhD
814-269-2017 |


First-Year Schedule


A sample of the likely first-year schedule for students in Pitt-Johnstown’s pre-pharmacy major.

Fall Term
  • Freshman Writing Seminar
  • General Biology with Lab
  • General Chemistry with Lab
  • Calculus I
  • Intro to Economics
Spring Term
  • Freshman Writing II
  • General Biology II with Lab
  • General Chemistry II with Lab
  • Intro to Sociology
  • Intro to Psychology

Please note that courses and course titles are subject to change.