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Psychology at Pitt-Johnstown prepares students for professional work as well as graduate study. Many of our graduates work with individuals and families in clinical and counseling settings. Others conduct cutting-edge research at universities and other research settings. Many graduates use their understanding of behavior and thinking business fields including marketing and human resources. Some find their passion in fields as diverse as occupational therapy and social work.

Our psychology courses emphasize the theoretical, research, and applied foundations of this broad field. The psychology faculty are actively involved in their profession. They bring contemporary real-world perspectives into their classrooms.

We are committed to providing a highly engaging hands-on experience to psychology students.  Students can complete internships in our community or their own communities during the academic year or during the summer months. Many students work on research studies with their professors and present their findings at conferences. Some students publish their research in scientific journals. Internships and lab experience provide students with a distinctive edge when they apply for jobs and graduate programs. 

Our graduates have successful careers in psychological health, crisis response, law enforcement, rehabilitation services, education (special education, educational psychology, or school psychology), community relations, human resources, social work, and advocacy. Many of our students seek graduate-level training in psychology or a related field. Our students are well prepared for 2-year and 4-year programs in all areas of psychology and counseling.


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Department Chair
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Psychology Career Pathways

As students progress through the program, their academic advisor will provide direction regarding the most appropriate courses for their career aspirations. Working with their academic advisor, they can chose a pathway, or decide which courses from our many electives will best prepare them for their future. Students are not required to follow a specific pathway.

Clinical/Counseling Psychology

Clinical and counseling psychology are fields that specialize in the assessment, diagnosis, and treatment of mental and emotional disorders. These professionals work with individuals, couples, families, and groups to improve mental well-being, promote personal growth, and address various psychological challenges.

Suggested Coursework

  • PSY 0240 Theories of Personality
  • PSY 0470 Behavior Modification
  • PSY 1141 Psychopathology
  • PSY 1251 Models of Psychotherapy
  • PSY 1560 Internship
Developmental Psychology

Developmental psychology is a field that examines factors that influence human development and uses this knowledge to promote healthy growth and address developmental challenges. Developmental psychologists can pursue various careers in fields such as education, research, counseling, and social services. 

Suggested Coursework

  • PSY 0230 Child Development
  • PSY 0384 Adult Development and Aging
  • PSY 0501 Lifespan Development
  • PSY 1560 Internship
Organizational Psychology

Organizational psychology is a field that focuses on understanding human behavior in the workplace and applying psychological principles to enhance organizational effectiveness. Organizational psychologists work with businesses and institutions to improve employee motivation, job satisfaction, and overall productivity through strategies such as talent management, leadership development, and organizational change.

Suggested Coursework

  • PSY 1636 Organizational Psychology
  • MGMT 0500 Principles of Management
  • MGMT 1510 Human Resources Management
  • PSY 1560 Internship
Occupational Therapy (OT)

Occupational therapy (OT) is a specialized healthcare profession that helps individuals of all ages regain independence and improve their daily functioning through meaningful activities. Occupational therapists work with clients to assess their physical, cognitive, and emotional abilities, and develop personalized interventions to promote optimal engagement in activities such as self-care, work, and leisure. By addressing barriers and facilitating skill development, occupational therapy aims to enhance quality of life and promote overall well-being.

Most OT students complete a graduate degree after completing their undergraduate work. Our academic advisors work with students to ensure that they take the required courses to gain admissions to an OT graduate program.

Suggested Coursework

  • BIOL 0950/1 Anatomy and Physiology I and Lab
  • BIOL 0970/1 Anatomy and Physiology I and Lab
  • PSY 0501 Lifespan Development
  • PSY 1141 Psychopathology

First-Year Schedule

A sample of the likely first-year schedule for students in Pitt-Johnstown’s psychology major.

Fall Term
  • Composition 1
  • Introduction to Psychology
  • Public Speaking
  • General Education Elective 
Spring Term
  • Composition 2
  • Follow-up Psychology Course
  • General Education Elective
  • General Education Elective 

Please note that courses and course titles are subject to change.

Psychology Club

The UPJ Psychology Club is an organization that has monthly meetings meant to relax students' minds with fun activities. The Psychology Club also does activities like fundraising to attend psychology conferences, and working with community agencies related to mental health. Check out our Instagram or Facebook page. Interested in joining us? Contact our President, Brindle Walzer at